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Our blog in 2017

Twel­ve highlights

With 2017 drawing to a clo­se, now’s a good time to look back over an event­ful year. Here are 12 high­lights we’ve selec­ted that we repor­ted on in our blog.

Stu­dents launch dro­ne project

An appren­ti­ce­ship should pro­vi­de suf­fi­ci­ent scope for chal­len­ging oneself and focu­sing on sti­mu­la­ting assign­ments. In a stu­dy pro­ject, Niklas Albers and Lars Wortel­bo­er, who have now com­ple­ted their com­bi­ned voca­tio­nal and degree pro­gram­me but are con­ti­nuing to work for us, explo­red the pro­ces­sing of dro­ne-obtai­ned data on our land resour­ces. As well as ope­ra­ting the­se aeri­al vehi­cles and using them to gather infor­ma­ti­on, they also loo­ked at legal aspects, which pro­ved qui­te inte­res­ting too.

The world’s lea­ding hor­ti­cul­tu­ral exhibition

At the Inter­na­tio­nal Plant Fair (IPM) in Essen, Ger­ma­ny, we pre­sen­ted our inno­va­tions such as the ‘Grow­coon’ pro­pa­ga­ti­on sys­tem, our new genera­ti­on of blo­cking substrates, spe­cia­list media for hydro­po­nics sys­tems, our sub­stra­te solu­ti­on that redu­ces scia­rid infe­sta­ti­on by up to 80 per­cent, and con­tai­ner mulch for plants grown in small pots. For us, the IPM 2017 pro­vi­ded a good start to the com­ing hor­ti­cul­tu­ral sea­son; we had many in-depth con­ver­sa­ti­ons with our part­ners and customers.

In our blog, Jose­lin Drie­se and Chris­to­pher Kos­se gave a voca­tio­nal trainee’s‑eye-view of the world’s most high-pro­fi­le hor­ti­cul­tu­ral show. Their insi­de look behind the sce­nes from an exhibitor’s per­spec­ti­ve was par­ti­cu­lar­ly fascinating.

A para­digm shift in our qua­li­ty- and envi­ron­men­tal-manage­ment system

It was way back at the start of the year that we imple­men­ted a suc­cess­ful chan­geo­ver of our qua­li­ty- and envi­ron­men­tal-manage­ment sys­tem. Busi­nes­ses are requi­red to have adop­ted the latest (i.e. 2015) ver­si­on of cer­ti­fi­ca­ti­on for the­se sys­tems by Sep­tem­ber 2018. We were able to rapidly embrace the para­digm shift from qua­li­ty assuran­ce to stra­te­gic qua­li­ty manage­ment, sin­ce, in terms of both our cor­po­ra­te struc­tu­re and our enga­ge­ment with the issue of sus­taina­bi­li­ty, things were well in place for the switch from ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 to their respec­ti­ve 2015 versions.

Anni­ver­s­a­ry cele­bra­ti­ons for Florabella

April mar­ked the 60th bir­th­day of our qua­li­ty pot­ting-soil label, Florabella. For ama­teur gar­de­ners, it has been ensu­ring opti­mum growth of both house and gar­den plants sin­ce 1957. And the ran­ge has grown con­ti­nu­al­ly. From media for spe­cia­list uses such as roses and cac­ti, seed­ling sub­stra­te, deco­ra­ti­ve bark pro­ducts and com­post media for orga­nic gro­wers ‑ Florabella covers a broad spec­trum of needs.

Dri­ving hor­ti­cul­tu­ral innovation

To help young entre­pre­neurs nur­tu­re their ide­as and to dri­ve inno­va­ti­on in hor­ti­cul­tu­re, we ent­e­red into a coope­ra­ti­ve arran­ge­ment with ‘WUR Start­Li­fe’. We are col­la­bo­ra­ting on ide­as with young talent in this incu­ba­tor wit­hin the field of food and agri­cul­tu­ral sci­en­ces at Wagen­in­gen Uni­ver­si­ty & Rese­arch (WUR). Our goal is the inno­va­ti­ve enrich­ment of the hor­ti­cul­tu­ral sector.

Lea­ding natio­nal envi­ron­men­tal foun­da­ti­on inte­res­ted in our peat moss

In con­junc­tion with young sci­en­tists at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Hannover’s Insti­tu­te of Envi­ron­men­tal Plan­ning and the Thü­nen Insti­tu­te of Cli­ma­te-Smart Agri­cul­tu­re in Braun­schweig, some of our employees took a good look at spha­gnum far­ming. They inves­ti­ga­ted the pos­si­ble impact of peat moss cul­ti­va­ti­on on the cli­ma­te and on flo­ra and fau­na bio­di­ver­si­ty in peat­lands, as well as its com­mer­cial poten­ti­al. The doc­to­ral stu­dents’ pro­ject launch in Gees­te was atten­ded by repre­sen­ta­ti­ves of the Ger­man Federal Foun­da­ti­on for the Envi­ron­ment (DBU), who wis­hed to get an idea of what the pro­ject was all about.

Lithuania’s Prime Minis­ter pays a visit

Our employees at Lit­hua­ni­an sub­si­dia­ry Klasmann-Deilmann Šilu­tė were thril­led to bits when the country’s Prime Minis­ter, Sau­li­us Skver­ne­lis, paid a visit. Our Mana­ging Direc­tor in Šilu­tė, Kazi­mie­ras Kamins­kas, and Tech­ni­cal Direc­tor Vir­gi­ni­jus Lie­pis dis­cus­sed our Group’s acti­vi­ties with the dis­tin­guis­hed guest and show­ed him the pro­duc­tion operations.

Grün­stempel cer­ti­fi­ca­ti­on in the orga­nic sector

Sin­ce 1999 we have, in clo­se coope­ra­ti­on with Grün­stempel, been ensu­ring that the ent­i­re value chain wit­hin our orga­nic pro­ducts seg­ment meets the gui­de­li­nes for orga­nic substrates. As in pre­vious years, the eco­lo­gi­cal cer­ti­fi­ca­ti­on orga­ni­sa­ti­on con­fir­med that we satis­fied the high stan­dards for orga­nic products.

Com­bi­ning fami­ly and work ‑ emer­gen­cy childcare

Fac­tors such as assi­s­tance with balan­cing fami­ly and care­er are beco­m­ing incre­a­singly important in making an employ­er attrac­ti­ve to work for. Taking this into account, we are con­ti­nuous­ly enhan­cing our ser­vices with a view to giving our employees the best pos­si­ble sup­port. Under our emer­gen­cy child­ca­re sche­me, we help fathers or mothers in our orga­ni­sa­ti­on to find a repla­ce­ment child­min­der for tho­se occa­si­ons when the best-laid plans go awry and alter­na­ti­ve care is nee­ded at short notice.

Com­mer­cial peat­field to beco­me bird reserve

This year, in one of our extrac­tion are­as ‑ the last in the Dalum-Wiet­mar­scher Moor peat­land ‑ we have com­ple­ted pre­pa­ra­ti­ons for re-wet­ting and han­ded the site over to the regio­nal peat board. It will beco­me part of a desi­gna­ted EU bird pro­tec­tion zone (Dalum-Wiet­mar­scher Moor and Georgs­dor­fer Moor) wit­hin the trans­na­tio­nal Bourtan­ger Moor peat­land natu­re reser­ve. A cycle path will soon pro­vi­de access to the area, enab­ling cyc­lists to enjoy the bog landscape.

Sus­taina­bi­li­ty Report

In our Sus­taina­bi­li­ty Report, we have sin­ce 2012 been giving an account of deve­lo­p­ments in natu­re con­ser­va­ti­on and cli­ma­te pro­tec­tion, while taking a cri­ti­cal look at our acti­vi­ties. To deter­mi­ne our car­bon foot­print, we com­mis­sio­ned a stu­dy that invol­ves moni­to­ring of emis­si­ons from peat­land over a two-year peri­od in accordance with sci­en­ti­fic cri­te­ria. It emer­ged that raw-mate­ri­als extrac­tion results in a con­si­der­ab­ly smal­ler quan­ti­ty of green­house gases being emit­ted than pre­vious­ly assumed.

Dra­ma workshop

Effec­ti­ve voca­tio­nal trai­ning invol­ves not only the dis­se­mi­na­ti­on of know-how; it is, to an extent, also about deve­lo­ping one’s per­so­na­li­ty. During an inten­si­ve dra­ma work­shop, our trai­nees rose to the chal­len­ge of put­ting on a play befo­re an audi­ence wit­hin a very short peri­od of time. Dis­play­ing inven­ti­ve­ness, enthu­si­asm and a gre­at deal of cou­ra­ge, they tru­ly brought the house down.

A Mer­ry Christ­mas and a Hap­py New Year!

This is our final blog pos­ting of 2017, and we’re loo­king for­ward to kee­ping you updated on what’s hap­pe­ning at Klasmann-Deilmann in the New Year.

Whe­re­ver you are, and howe­ver you’ll be cele­bra­ting Christ­mas and the arri­val of the New Year ‑ enjoy­ing a good meal with fami­ly or friends, see­ing 2018 in with a bang of fire­works, enjoy­ing other local tra­di­ti­ons or sim­ply going about your ever­y­day busi­ness ‑ our war­mest wis­hes go to you for the holi­day season.


The Klasmann-Deilmann edi­to­ri­al team

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