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Advanced Substrates set the benchmark for future-oriented horticulture. They combine the most valued raw materials to high performance blends with a low carbon footprint. Wood fibre, perlite, cocos, green compost and peat boost essential characteristics in the substrate, thus ensuring the precise crop control in your nursery and the healthy growth of your plants.

Advanced Substrates cover all plant and cultivation segments for any horticultural application. 

The mixes are tried and tested and have proven their suitability for all internationally common applications in commercial horticulture.

Decades of experience with all major raw materials and the widest range of growing media give us a unique edge. That makes your next step easier. When you’re ready to advance, we’re ready to join you.


“ADVANCED Substrates by Klasmann-Deilmann …”

“… are the next logical step on a path we have been following for more than thirty years. Modern raw materials create a wide range of options for meeting globally increasing demand for growing media. We offer more alternative constituents without compromising on quality. We are focusing on greater sustainability and consistently high crop security. The game-changing ADVANCED Substrates ensure that you stay abreast of one of the most important horticultural developments in recent decades.”

Moritz Böcking, Managing Director at Klasmann-Deilmann

“… are the result of decades of research, development and experience. They guarantee the correct recipe for every crop, the best raw materials for every cultivation method, the highest quality for your nursery – and the use of highly sustainable resources for the environment and climate. We are convinced that more advanced means more success for your crops.”

Dr Sebastian Kipp, Head of Advisory Services and Quality Management at Klasmann-Deilmann

“… contain a considerable proportion of alternative raw materials. We rely on proven constituents such as wood fibres, coir, green compost and perlite. The tried and tested recipes meet all requirements for pioneering horticulture. They combine maximum crop safety with reliable availability and a reduced carbon footprint.”

Hermann Konnemann, Technical Advisor at Klasmann-Deilmann

This is what our customers say about alternative raw materials in their substrates:

“Helleborus is a niche product. This is where the right substrate recipe is essential. We see great success with TerrAktiv® and GreenFibre® in our mixture. The plants are stronger, more compact and resistant. We are very grateful to have such a reliable partner in Klasmann-Deilmann.”

Thierry van Paemel, satisfied ADVANCED customer Owner of "BVBA Helleborus”, a leading producer of Helleborus in Belgium

„In recent years we have been confronted with customers asking for more ecologically responsible substrates. Supported by Klasmann-Deilmann we have achieved to use 20 % GreenFibre® in our crops. I feel this has a positive contribution to our crop management, as we get a better water balance and the substrate is easier to rewet.”

Lode De Waele, satisfied ADVANCED customer Owner of “De Waele Handelskwekerij BVBA”, a leading container plant producer in Belgium

Deliverability and quality in harmony

Regardless of current crises and disrupted supply chains, the latest forecasts assume that the demand for growing media and the required raw materials will increase significantly internationally in the future.

Klasmann-Deilmann successfully ensured at an early stage that the increasing demand for horticultural products could be met with a stable supply of raw materials and supplier infrastructure.


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