Alina Strickmann

Klasmann-Deilmann sells Growcoon

Klasmann-Deilmann is now marketing an innovative plant propagation system called ‘Growcoon’. In November, the company signed an agreement to this effect with Dutch producer Maan Biobased Products. Through the Klasmann-Deilmann Group, Maan will be receiving direct access to European and international markets. With Growcoon, Klasmann-Deilmann is now distributing a propagation system whose advantages are directly linked to the use of growing media in horticultural businesses.

Elastic mesh made of biodegradable raw materials


Growcoon is a 100% biodegradable mesh which, in combination with propagation substrates, forms a stable root plug. The product’s elastic and open structure holds the substrate, promotes root development in young plants and aids in their healthy growth. The result is shorter propagation times and enhanced young-plant performance. The Growcoon can be used in all established propagation systems; its size is tailored to precisely fit trays of different sizes. Growcoons are placed in trays manually or automatically using dispensers upstream from the tray-filling machine (the product being suitable for all standard machines).

2016-11-klasmann-deilmann-growcoon-05-signing“Growcoon is an interesting innovation in the propagation of young plants,” says Norbert Siebels, Managing Director of the Klasmann-Deilmann Group. “In terms of the efficiency of production processes in horticultural businesses, the Growcoon offers definite advantages for both producing young plants and growing-on. At the same time, the product’s biodegradability means it meets important sustainability criteria. We are proud to be partners with Maan Biobased Products. Klasmann-Deilmann will play an instrumental role in making Growcoon the success it deserves to be.”

An ideal partnership

Ted Vollebregt, Managing Director of Klasmann-Deilmann Benelux, helped move the contract negotiations forward. “International commercial horticulture is changing rapidly. We want to help shape advances in our sector, drive innovation and break new ground. Because of its close horticultural association with loose, open-pored substrates, the Growcoon has the potential to make nursery practices even more effective and reliable.”


Maan Biobased Products, a subsidiary of the Raalte-based Maan Group, had developed the Growcoon over the previous few years and launched it in 2016, initially in the Netherlands. “During this current business year, the response from local horticultural companies confirmed that the Growcoon is a forward-looking and highly promising product for professional growers,” says Bart Oude Wesselink, Managing Director of Maan Biobased Products. “We are keen to raise awareness of our new development beyond the Netherland’s borders and throughout Europe, and to create effective distribution channels. It was in this context that we sought a partner who shares our aspirations as to the sustainability of both product and company. We are delighted to have found the right partner in Klasmann-Deilmann.”