Bag to the future:
The Growbag, unique times three

Every innovation has its time. That of the Growbag is right now. With the Growbag Advanced and Growbag Advanced AGS product lines, Klasmann-Deilmann is taking one of the most important cultivation methods in commercial horticulture to a whole new level. Always with the highest level of quality and sustainability. And with exactly the level of individuality your crops need and meet your demands. No matter whether you want to grow vegetables – for example tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers … – or strawberries.

The innovative solution with a special focus on sustainability. For the European market and on request.

The innovative solution with a special focus on sustainability. For the Australian and Oceania markets and on request.


The innovative solution with the special properties of coco products. For the Asian and European market and on request.

Three product lines, numerous benefits:


Very sustainable:

  • No rock wool, perlite or peat
  • Renewable and fully compostable
  • Significant CO2reduction (especially with GROWBAG Advanced)
  • Reduced occurence of ‘crazy roots’  (with GROWBAG Advanced)

Best cultivation properties:

  • Specific blends for each crop and climatic situation
  • High air content and drainage
  • Optimal irrigation control

Best quality:

  • Production processes according RHP quality standards
  • All coco products originate from our own RHP approved sources in India and Sri Lanka
  • Coco products specifically certified to the SA8000 standard for social responsibility

You want your Growbag? You get your Growbag!

Regardless of the current crises and disrupted supply chains, current forecasts assume that there will be a far greater demand for growing media and the necessary raw materials internationally in the future.

Klasmann-Deilmann has therefore ensured at an early stage and with success that the further increasing demand for products for horticulture business – like our Growbags – can be guaranteed with a stable supply of raw materials and supplier infrastructure.


We ensure that all our customers are supplied with our products at all times – even in difficult phases with strained supply chains.


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