Florabella®: quality potting soils by Klasmann-Deilmann

Florabella® has been helping hobby gardeners care for their plants for over 60 years. Whether for flowers, green plants, fruits, vegetables or herbs – Florabella® quality potting soils offer you professional quality.

Even as a beginner, you can grow like a pro.

Florabella® quality potting soils …
… ensure ideal water retention to prevent plants from drying out
… drain excess water and thus prevent waterlogging
… provide roots with a good supply of air and a stable base for healthy growth
… retain their first-class structure over the long term
… store nutrients and trace elements and release them slowly to the plant
… compensate for irregularities in care, e.g. when too much or too little fertiliser or water is applied


Suitable for all uses

Suitable for all users

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