Dirk Röse

Klasmann-Deilmann hono­urs long-ser­vice employees and retirees

A total of more than 850 anni­ver­s­a­ries celebrated

Klasmann-Deilmann hos­ted a cele­bra­ti­on to bid fare­well to eight employees who were ent­e­ring their reti­re­ment. Ten employees were also hono­u­red for their long ser­vice to the company.

Klasmann-Deilmann’s long-ser­ving employees (l to r): Micha­el Per­schl (Mana­ging Direc­tor Pro­duc­tion Com­pa­ny “Süd”), Dani­el Hack­mann (Plant Mana­ger Pro­duc­tion Com­pa­ny “Nord”), Ange­la Lüken (40 years’ ser­vice and reti­re­ment), Ger­da Göcken (40 years’ ser­vice and reti­re­ment), Fritz Kalm­la­ge (40 years), Maria Koh­ne (25 years), Josef Mari­en (reti­re­ment), Sabi­ne Röwe­kamp (25 years), Bern­hard Fal­ke (40 years), Her­mann Vel­trup (reti­re­ment), Heinz Höl­ters­hin­ken (reti­re­ment), Human Resour­ces Direc­tor Bene­dikt Kossen, Mar­tin Jan­sen (40 years), Mat­thi­as Hermsen (Mana­ging Direc­tor Ser­vice Com­pa­ny), Wal­traud Nagel (25 years), Her­mann Leis­don (40 years), Mat­thi­as Land­wehr (40 years), Mar­tin Moss (reti­re­ment), Bern­hard Jan­sen (reti­re­ment), Chair­man of the Group Works Coun­cil Wolf­gang Otto, Mana­ging Direc­tor Moritz Böcking. The pho­to does not show Hus­sein Kaya (25 years), Dirk Haa­se (25 years) and Heinz Press­gut (reti­re­ment).

Mana­ging Direc­tor Moritz Böcking thank­ed the employees on behalf of the com­pa­ny: “Each and every one of you has hel­ped in your own indi­vi­du­al area to make Klasmann-Deilmann a tho­rough­ly suc­cess­ful com­pa­ny – a com­pa­ny that is the glo­bal lea­der in its own line of busi­ness.” He wis­hed the reti­rees all the best and abo­ve all good health as they embar­ked on this new pha­se of their life. Addres­sing tho­se employees who were being hono­u­red for long ser­vice, he said he was loo­king for­ward to con­ti­nuing good coope­ra­ti­on. Human Resour­ces Direc­tor Bene­dikt Kossen also thank­ed them for their many years of ser­vice and their loyal­ty to the com­pa­ny. In that con­nec­tion, Moritz Böcking added that over the past few deca­des, 637 employees had been hono­u­red for 25 years of ser­vice with Klasmann-Deilmann and 219 had actual­ly spent 40 years with the com­pa­ny. “We are proud of this clo­se rela­ti­ons­hip bet­ween employ­er and employee.”