ADVANCED Bedding Substrates

Reliable and sustainable cultivation of bedding crops

Superior crop results achieved with perfect substrates has always been our goal. Therefore, we use only tried and tested alternative constituents to blend with high quality peat raw materials.

Due to their technical properties, wood fibre, perlite, coir pith and green compost have proved to be an ideal choice for this purpose. Bedding plants benefit from improved root growth, healthier plant development and also increased microbial activity in the root zone.

Moreover, we constantly strive to increase the sustainability of our substrates. The use of alternative constituents for the cultivation of bedding plants contributes significantly to this goal. They secure the reliability of our substrates and reduce substrate weight, which permits higher transport volumes. The result is reduced carbon emissions from transport and raw materials.


  • Characteristics: good water retention combined with improved porosity. For pricking out and growing on
  • Use for: bedding plants, perennials

  • Characteristics: universal bedding plant substrate with stable air capacity and extra microbial activity
  • Use for: bedding and patio plants, shrubs

  • Characteristics: allround substrate for pricking out and growing on
  • Use for: bedding and patio plants

“GreenFibre® allows the substrate surface to dry off faster. Algae formation is no longer an issue and crops are less susceptible to diseases. Especially in ebb and flow systems, the substrate absorbs water very quickly and distributes it well throughout the root ball.”

Anja Fritzen, Technical Advisor, Klasmann-Deilmann (Germany)

Be ADVANCED – with ideal alternative constituents

Our GreenFibre fine is treated in special mills to achieve a specific medium-fine, very free-flowing structure. This ensures perfect mixing and even distribution in the substrate.
Substrates with GreenFibre show a quick distribution of capillary water within the entire root zone, which is an important advantage e.g. in ebb and flow irrigation systems. It ensures easy irrigation management especially when growing with ‘dry-stress’ cultivation methods for compact plant growth.

GreenFibre can be used in bedding substrates an be at a share of 15 to 30 per cent by volume. When combined with more decomposed peat, the proportion of easily available water for  the plants remains stable. Therefore, up to an admixture of 25% by volume, there are little differences in the irrigation behavior. However, the surface of the pots remains drier and the risk of root diseases is reduced. A nitrogen-based liquid feeding scheme in line with common practice leads to ideal growth results.


For more than 30 years we have been using TerrAktiv® green compost in substrates, since it is a natural, renewable and very efficient biostimulant with many positive effects for the crop:

  • Generates a high microbial activity
  • Shows suppressive effects on soilborne pathogens
  • Stimulates root development and plant growth

The addition of 10 % by volume TerrAktiv® is already sufficient to achieve these effects.



Benefits of ADVANCED Bedding Substrates with GreenFibre®

  • Improved capillarity of the substrate
  • Increased air capacity for healthy and fast root development
  • Reliable drainage and improved structural stability
  • Easier rewetting of the substrate
  • Drier surface, less growth of algae and liverwort
  • Stable nitrogen balance to suit normal feeding regime
  • Low weight, reduced transport costs
  • Renewable raw material from sustainable forestry

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