ADVANCED Container Substrates

Combining crop security with sustainability

Shrubs and trees grown in containers are long-term crops and typically grown outside. Therefore, the substrate has to ensure very high drainage and reliable structural stability. The substrates need to be adjusted to suit the local horticultural conditions. ADVANCED Container Substrates based on white sod peat fractions and GreenFibre® have proved optimum for meeting these requirements.

GreenFibre® is a renewable and very lightweight organic constituent from sustainably managed forests, which provides ideal properties for nursery stock substrates.

Both, in terms of plant growth as well as in terms of substrate weight and loading volumes, the use of 20 to 30 per cent by volume GreenFibre® in the substrate is very efficient. This can increase air capacity in the root zone to as much as 30% and ensure optimum aeration of roots even in heavy rain periods.

Meanwhile, the use of GreenFibre® in nursery stock has meanwhile become standard as it perfectly combines crop security with sustainability for container crops.


  • Characteristics: high structural stability and increased drainage
  • Use for: shrubs and trees, foliage plants

  • Characteristics: for crops with acidic soil requirements
  • Use for: ericaceous plants, gardenias, camelias, Gaultheria

  • Characteristics: extra water and nutrient buffer plus strong microbial activity for healthy plants
  • Use for: trees, conifers

“ In recent years we have been confronted with customers asking for more ecologically responsible substrates. Supported by Klasmann-Deilmann we have achieved to use 20 % GreenFibre® in our crops. I feel this has a positive contribution to our crop management, as we get a better water balance and the substrate is easier to rewet.”

Lode De Waele, satisfied ADVANCED customer, owner of “De Waele Handelskwekerij BVBA, a leading container plant producer in Belgium

The ideal addition to your container crops

Containermulch is particularly suitable for effective protection against weeds in container grown crops. This offers significant advantages for crop management in your nursery:

  • Considerably reduced need for chemical herbicides
  • Reliable adherent and clean substrate cover for dispatch and sales
  • Protection against loss of water through evaporation from the substrate


blankStable substrate cover to prevent weed development

blankContainermulch adheres to the surface

blankEasy application with regular bark topper machines

For more than 30 years we have been using TerrAktiv® green compost in container substrates for tree nurseries with many positive effects:

  • Generates high microbial activity
  • Shows suppressive effects on soilborne pathogens and stimulates plant growth
  • Allows slight reduction of controlled release fertiliser due to the nutrient content
  • Ensures a reliable release of nutrients from organic fertiliser when used alongside controlled release fertiliser
  • Addition of 10% TerrAktiv® is already sufficient to gain the effects



Benefits of ADVANCED Container Substrates with GreenFibre®

  • Increased air capacity and optimised drainage
  • Very few fine particles, long-term structural stability
  • Improved capillarity of the substrate
  • Easier rewetting of substrate
  • Excellent root development
  • Drier surface, less growth of algae and liverwort
  • Uncomplicated crop feeding due to the stable nitrogen balance
  • Low weight, reduced transport costs
  • Renewable raw material from sustainable forestry

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