ADVANCED Substrates for Forestry Plants

Superior forestry seedlings grown in trays

The cultivation of robust and high quality forestry seedlings is becoming an increasingly important sector. Whereas forestry young plants normally used to be cultivated as seed- grown plants directly in the soil, there has meanwhile been a shift towards seedlings grown in cell trays. There are various reasons for this change: protected cultivation enables fast growing, healthy and very homogenous seedlings with lower mortality rates. These seedlings are used to enlarge the transplanting window in the forest and allow planting in areas with challenging growing conditions due to altitude, temperatures etc.
We have developed suitable substrates to meet the requirements of softwood (such as spruce, pine, Douglas fir etc.) and hardwood (such as beech, eucalyptus and so on).  Suitable growing media as well as specific top dressing material are also available for plantation crops such as coffee or bananas.

ADVANCED Propagation Substrates for forestry and plantation crops are ready to use and based on structurally stable white peat with a low proportion of fine particles, perlite and GreenFibre®. The very precise and uniform base fertilisation as well as the pH setting can be adjusted to suit the needs of any plant and produce very healthy and homogenous seedlings for excellent development after transplanting into the forest. ADVANCED Propagation Substrates ensure good aeration, improved root development as well as reduced carbon emissions.


  • Characteristics: extra light, free-flowing, with improved drainage
  • Use for: vegetable young plants, tobacco seedlings, forestry seedlings

  • Characteristics: good water retention combined with improved porosity
  • Use for: vegetable and ornamental young plants, forestry seedlings

  • Characteristics: extra light, free-flowing seedling substrate. Suitable for automatic filling lines
  • Use for: vegetable and ornamental young plants, forestry seedlings

Be innovative. Be ADVANCED.

Our fine GreenFibre® is treated in special mills to achieve a specific extra fine, very free-flowing structure. This ensures perfect mixing and even distribution in the propagation substrate. GreenFibre® opens up new possibilities and has led to a new concept for our propagation substrates. A proportion of 15 to 20 per cent by volume is already recommended. The nitrogen balance of GreenFibre® is very stable and regular feeding regime leads to good crop results. Ideal growth results are achieved with a nitrate-based liquid feeding scheme.


Manufactured by Klasmann-Deilmann – horticultural perlite for propagation

In 2021 we started to manufacture high quality horticultural grade perlite on our own production line in Lithuania. The benefits are obvious:

  • Improved availability of perlite for our substrate factories 
  • More independence in case of logistical bottlenecks
  • Reduced transport due to local production and thus a lower carbon footprint
  • Provides a commercially interesting constituent for propagation and potting substrates



Why perlite?

Perlite …
… increases air capacity and drainage
… prevents waterlogging
… provides excellent structural stability
… is pH neutral and has an extremely low salt level
… is ideal for use in substrates for propagation and potting when strong drainage is required


Benefits of ADVANCED Substrates with GreenFibre®

  • Higher aeration of the root zone and increased drainage, thus less problems with water logging
  • Improved initial development of roots and seedlings
  • Enhanced homogeneity of young plants in trays
  • Helps the substrate surface dry faster, thus less infestation of young plants with root diseases as well as less algae and moss on the substrate surface
  • Easier rewetting of the substrate
  • RHP-certified raw material, specially developed for the needs of professional horticulture
  • Optimised delivery volume due to lower substrate weight
  • Increased sustainability and reduced carbon footprint of your plant production by using the renewable wood fibre GreenFibre®
  • Use of GreenFibre® fine up to 20% by volume

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