Kim Karotki

Visit from Lit­hua­ni­an Minis­ter of For­eign Affairs

Honour for Klasmann-Deilmann Šilutė

The Lit­hua­ni­an Minis­ter of For­eign Affairs inclu­ded a visit to Klasmann-Deilmann on a tour of the coun­try. Tog­e­ther with the Mayor of Šilu­tė, he lear­ned about the acti­vi­ties of our Lit­hua­ni­an subsidiary.

The visit from Linas Lin­ke­viči­us was a very spe­cial honour for Klasmann-Deilmann Šilu­tė, as it demons­tra­ted the important role that our sub­si­dia­ry plays in Lit­hua­ni­an socie­ty. Klasmann-Deilmann Šilu­tė is one of the top employ­ers in Klai­pė­da Coun­ty. Our sub­si­dia­ry glad­ly assu­mes the cor­po­ra­te social respon­si­bi­li­ty that this invol­ves and appre­cia­ted the oppor­tu­ni­ty to pre­sent the company’s acti­vi­ties to the visi­t­ing local and natio­nal politicians.

Focal points that were dis­cus­sed during the visit inclu­ded the impor­t­ance of gro­wing media for the food indus­try, inno­va­tions, espe­cial­ly the search for even more sus­tainab­le pro­ducts and solu­ti­ons, and employee-rela­ted topics. This trig­ge­red lively dis­cus­sions bet­ween the Lit­hua­ni­an Minis­ter of For­eign Affairs, Mayor Vytau­tas Lau­ri­nai­tis and Klasmann-Deilmann Šilu­tė repre­sen­ta­ti­ves Kazi­mie­ras Kamins­kas (Mana­ging Direc­tor) and Vir­gi­ni­jus Lie­pis (Tech­ni­cal Director).

Our col­leagues then show­ed the poli­ti­ci­ans around the com­pa­ny. They inspec­ted the pro­duc­tion plant and also stop­ped off at our last major invest­ment, “Fac­to­ry no. 5”, whe­re they had the chan­ce to look at the dif­fe­rent raw mate­ri­als and pro­ducts. The­re was also time to exp­lain the finer points and dif­fe­ren­ces that are not always obvious to the lay­man at first glance.

We were very plea­sed to wel­co­me the­se visi­tors. It was a gre­at honour for all of us,” said Kazi­mie­ras Kamins­kas. “We enjoy­ed con­struc­ti­ve and in-depth discussions.”

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