“Nowadays, growers become aware of an increasing demand of substrates in China. Therefore, alternative constituents are necessary and we are not afraid of stepping forward to use them in our substrate. It just requires small adaptions and we have the support of Klasmann-Deilmann during this transition period.”

Xu Hanchao, satisfied ADVANCED customer and technical manager for 'Nansha Jiaojie Young Plant', China

“For some years we have been looking for a substrate that is very airy. This is important for azaleas. With the wood fibre GreenFibre® we have found a solution that makes this possible. 20% of this raw material is well suited and even gives us an advantage in cultivation. It is also suitable for automated planting and for sticking our cuttings into the substrate. It works perfectly”.

Stijn De Clercq, satisfied ADVANCED customer, owner of 'Stijn De Clercq Azaleakwekerij', leading producer of azalea in Belgium

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