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Eat This

19.03.2021 | Aut­hor: Ska­di Men­ne | 0 Comments

How will com­mer­cial hor­ti­cul­tu­re deve­lop in the future? And how do we find good and sus­tainab­le solu­ti­ons now to feed the gro­wing world popu­la­ti­on? The­se are the ques­ti­ons the orga­niz­a­ti­on „Eat This” is asking them­sel­ves… Read more

Our K goes on the road

12.03.2021 | Aut­hor: Ska­di Men­ne | 0 Comments

Our green K is known all over the world and is known in hor­ti­cul­tu­re as the sym­bol of safe­ty, qua­li­ty and growth. To show you exact­ly what we do, we are now sen­ding it on… Read more

Effi­ci­ent, sus­tainab­le and resi­li­ent food systems

24.02.2021 | Aut­hor: Ska­di Men­ne | 0 Comments

MEP lea­ding on Farm-to-Fork endor­ses modern hor­ti­cul­tu­re as a key to sus­tainab­le food pro­duc­tion – Webi­nar by Gro­wing Media Euro­pe (GME) The vir­tu­al event was held on 28 Janu­a­ry as part of a GME Webi­nar… Read more

Spe­cia­lists from all over the world in vir­tu­al exchange

05.02.2021 | Aut­hor: Dirk Röse | 0 Comments

Klasmann-Deilmann hosts inter­na­tio­nal Inno­va­ti­on Sum­mit More inno­va­tions, less peat and always rene­wa­ble raw mate­ri­als. The Klasmann-Deilmann Group’s Inno­va­ti­on Sum­mit advan­ced tho­se issu­es that are at the top of the agen­da in Euro­pean com­mer­cial hor­ti­cul­tu­re. Guest… Read more

Inter­na­tio­nal Year for Fruit and Vege­ta­bles 2021

25.01.2021 | Aut­hor: Ska­di Men­ne | 0 Comments

The year 2021 has been decla­red the offi­cial year for fruit and vege­ta­bles by the Food and Agri­cul­tu­re Orga­niz­a­ti­on of the United Nati­ons (FAO). In an inter­view with Ceci­lia Luet­ge­bru­ne, Mana­ging Direc­tor of our Euro­pean… Read more

It’s you we wri­te for

Our blog’s edi­to­ri­al staff pre­pa­re news and topics rela­ting to our company’s various are­as of acti­vi­ty. Here, we brief­ly intro­du­ce the mem­bers of the edi­to­ri­al team. Don’t hesi­ta­te to use the e‑mail addres­ses given here for pur­po­ses of feed­back and fur­ther infor­ma­ti­on, to ask ques­ti­ons and sug­gest topics.

Cor­po­ra­te Editor

Dirk Röse | Head of Cor­po­ra­te Communications
dirk.​[email protected]​klasmann-​deilmann.​com

Dirk Röse has been at Klasmann-Deilmann sin­ce 2004 and heads up the Cor­po­ra­te Com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ons divi­si­on. His con­tri­bu­ti­ons to our blog are main­ly about the company’s latest news and day-to-day activities.

Sus­taina­bi­li­ty Editor

Jan Köb­bing | Sus­taina­bi­li­ty Management
jan.​[email protected]​klasmann-​deilmann.​com

Dr Jan Köb­bing has been pur­suing various rese­arch pro­jects at Klasmann-Deilmann sin­ce 2015, on topics inclu­ding Spha­gnum far­ming and the res­to­ra­ti­on of for­mer peat extrac­tion sites. As Sus­taina­bi­li­ty Mana­ger, he also coor­di­na­tes our emis­si­ons reduc­tion mea­su­res and the pre­pa­ra­ti­on of our cli­ma­te foot­prints. His con­tri­bu­ti­ons to our blog rela­te main­ly to cor­po­ra­te social responsibility.

Nadine John

Com­pe­ten­ci­es & Care­er Editor

Nadi­ne John | Cor­po­ra­te Communications
nadine.​[email protected]​klasmann-​deilmann.​com

Nadi­ne John joi­ned Klasmann-Deilmann in 2019, whe­re her main role is in inter­nal com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ons. Her back­ground as a com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ons mana­ger enab­les her to incor­po­ra­te com­plex issu­es into stra­te­gic cor­po­ra­te com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ons. Her main focus is on repor­ting about cur­rent and future Klasmann-Deilmann employees and about the pro­duct portfolio.