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Skadi Menne

High performing, reliable in cultivation, sustainable

The new ADVANCED substrate range from Klasmann-Deilmann

ADVANCED substrates set the bar high for responsible horticulture. Klasmann-Deilmann’s new product line combines the most valuable raw materials into high-performance blends with a low carbon footprint.

ADVANCED substrates provide the very best from the diverse raw materials available. This new range brings together the strengths of wood fibre, green compost, coir, perlite and peat. Its well-balanced recipes ensure precise cultivation control and healthy crop growth. And the increasing use of renewable resources keeps the carbon footprint down and facilitates sustainable development at horticultural businesses, while more lightweight substrates mean transport is more environment friendly. The ADVANCED range covers all plant and crop segments for any horticultural use. These blends are tried and tested, with proven suitability for all cultivation methods commonly used on the international scene.

“Our ADVANCED range sets the benchmark for forward-looking growing media – high performing, reliable in cultivation and sustainable,” says Moritz Böcking, Managing Director of the Klasmann-Deilmann Group. “There’s a lot of talk about alternative raw materials and peat substitutes. The fact is that wood fibre, compost and the rest have long been an integral part of every good product range. And, in our new product line, they are quite essential. ADVANCED substrates are our new standard.”

For 30 years now, Klasmann-Deilmann has been distributing substrates containing renewable resources, which it produces itself for reasons of quality assurance. To meet the growing demand, the company is continually investing in the expansion of its production capacity. “This gives us a real edge. Drawing on our extensive experience, we can make specific use of the full range of substrate constituents for all horticultural applications, so that commercial plant producers can fully enjoy their benefits. The priority here is reliability in terms of crop cultivation,” affirms Böcking.

At the same time, ADVANCED substrates contribute to sustainable development. More lightweight raw materials have a positive impact in terms of transport-related emissions. And these growing media are also better for the climate. Over the next five years, Klasmann-Deilmann will be able to reduce these products’ carbon footprint by up to 50%. “This will also be of benefit to environmentally conscious growers,” Moritz Böcking adds. “The new generation of ADVANCED growing media represents a step forward in every respect – and we’re keen to share it with our customers.”

Frank Stolwijk, owner of the Dutch nursery Stolwijk Plants, uses Advanced Substrates.