Skadi Menne

Klasmann-Deilmann produces Perlite

Securing alternative raw materials

Klasmann-Deilmann has been relying on alternative raw materials in substrate manufacturing for many years. The company is pursuing the ambitious goal of increasing their share in total annual production to at least 30% by volume by 2025. The requirement for this is a secure supply of alternative raw materials.

Klasmann-Deilmann has now commissioned its own Perlite production plant in Lithuania, which manufactures the modern raw material under strict quality regulations. This increases independence from external suppliers and minimizes the risk of supply bottlenecks. In addition, the plant is located in the immediate vicinity of the substrate factory there, which leads to a reduction in transport costs and improves the ecological footprint.

Our Perlite …

  • Increases air capacity and drainage in the substrate,
  • Prevents waterlogging,
  • Provides excellent structural stability,
  • Is pH neutral and has a very low salt content,
  • Ideal for use in propagation and potting substrates when higher drainage is required.

The company’s own perlite production also supports the launch of the new ADVANCED product line, in which the diversity of proven raw materials plays a central role. All further information on the new product line and the raw materials used in it can be found here.