Dirk Röse

Klasmann-Deilmann cer­ti­fied as an excel­lent trai­ning-pro­vi­ding company

We pro­vi­de young peop­le with sound voca­tio­nal trai­ning. Sup­por­ting young employees on offi­cial­ly reco­gnis­ed voca­tio­nal trai­ning sche­mes, or a com­bi­ned voca­tio­nal trai­ning und degree pro­gram­me, has been among our firm’s very suc­cess­ful Human Resour­ces mea­su­res for many years. Now Klasmann-Deilmann has been cer­ti­fied as an excel­lent trai­ning-pro­vi­ding com­pa­ny by the Osna­brück-Ems­land-Graf­schaft Bent­heim Cham­ber of Com­mer­ce and Indus­try (IHK).

IHK Direc­tor Mar­co Graf had made a spe­cial trip to hand over the cer­ti­fi­ca­te to Klasmann-Deilmann’s respon­si­ble Mana­ging Direc­tor Moritz Böcking. During the press event arran­ged for this occa­si­on, Böcking said: “We’re very proud of this acco­la­de. It hono­urs the many employees who, con­ti­nuous­ly and with gre­at dedi­ca­ti­on, look after our voca­tio­nal trai­nees.” Mar­co Graf poin­ted out that the com­pa­ny was not “just given” this cer­ti­fi­ca­ti­on but that it had to under­go a two-set pro­ce­du­re befo­re­hand. In addi­ti­on to the for­mal sta­tu­to­ry requi­re­ments, it invol­ves, for examp­le, the IHK con­duc­ting an in-depth con­sul­ta­ti­on and an inde­pen­dent exter­nal body per­forming an addi­tio­nal review. One of the aspects asses­sed is how low the drop-out rate is. In this respect, Graf cal­led Klasmann-Deilmann a “model com­pa­ny”. “In view of the decli­ne in the num­ber of pupils, this cer­ti­fi­ca­ti­on is a gre­at asset when com­pe­ting to recrui­t­ing the best young talent. It shows the young peop­le that, with your firm, they will recei­ve excel­lent voca­tio­nal trai­ning which is the foun­da­ti­on of a suc­cess­ful future care­er,” stres­sed Graf.

Verleihung IHK TOP-Ausbildungsbetrieb

Bene­dikt Kossen, Head of our Human Resour­ces depart­ment, was also deligh­ted about this suc­cess. “Both now and in the future, this acco­la­de will help us to con­sist­ent­ly find voca­tio­nal trai­nees who are a good fit with our com­pa­ny.” In this con­nec­tion, the initia­ti­ve of our stu­dent Lars Wortel­bo­er was com­men­ded, who sug­gested that Klasmann-Deilmann seek cer­ti­fi­ca­ti­on. Mar­co Graf said that this was pro­bab­ly the first time such a pro­po­sal had been made by one of the trai­nees themselves.

Asked by the press about the main fac­tors in Klasmann-Deilmann’s suc­cess, Moritz Böcking remar­ked that its inter­na­tio­nal focus plays a big part in making our com­pa­ny attrac­ti­ve. “Qui­te right­ly, young peop­le con­clu­de that a wide ran­ge of oppor­tu­nities for deve­lo­p­ment – and long-term care­er pro­spects – are avail­ab­le to them, and that we are a depen­da­ble employ­er which will still be a suc­cess­ful play­er even in 30 or 40 years’ time.” Bene­dikt Kossen added that young peop­le, when con­si­de­ring com­pa­nies that pro­vi­de trai­ning, are incre­a­singly asking about their sus­taina­bi­li­ty. “We have posi­tio­ned our­sel­ves well in this regard, with our com­mit­ment to trans­pa­ren­cy in com­mu­ni­ca­ting all of our acti­vi­ties.” Moritz Böcking made a fur­ther com­ment: “App­li­cants want to be invol­ved in the very pur­po­se of a com­pa­ny, regard­less of whe­ther they are see­king a trai­ning place, a stu­dy place or a per­ma­nent job. And that’s pre­cise­ly what they find at Klasmann-Deilmann: ever­yo­ne knows what we want and whe­re we want to go, and ever­y­bo­dy also knows that their own con­tri­bu­ti­on is incredi­b­ly important in achie­ving this.”

Verleihung IHK TOP-Ausbildungsbetrieb

Bene­dikt Kossen, Tan­ja Arens, Moritz Böcking, Mar­co Graf, Lars Wortel­bo­er. (v. l.)

Over­all in Ger­ma­ny, Klasmann-Deilmann employs an average of 25 young women and men who under­go voca­tio­nal trai­ning to beco­me Indus­tri­al Busi­ness Admi­nis­tra­tors, IT Spe­cia­lists, Busi­ness Admi­nis­tra­tors for Mar­ke­ting Com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ons, Con­struc­tion Equip­ment Ope­ra­tors, Elec­tro­nics Engi­neers spe­cia­li­sing in ope­ra­ting tech­no­lo­gy, or Indus­tri­al Mecha­nics. Cer­ti­fi­ca­ti­on as an excel­lent trai­ning-pro­vi­ding com­pa­ny is valid for the next four years, after which it can be renewed.

At the end of the press event, one of the jour­na­lists was visi­b­ly impres­sed, say­ing: “That sounds real­ly good.” To which Moritz Böcking could reply, “It is!”