Nadine John

A strong group

First ‘go on’ pro­gram­me reaches its conclusion

The last week in May saw par­ti­ci­pants of the first ‘go on’ pro­gram­me come tog­e­ther for their final work­shop at the Inno­va­ti­on Cen­ter in Gees­te. Fol­lowing an inst­ruc­ti­ve and sti­mu­la­ting two years, they recei­ved cer­ti­fi­ca­tes of atten­dance for the pro­gram­me and set up an alum­ni network.

They came from Ger­ma­ny, the Nether­lands, Fran­ce and Lit­hua­nia. Over a two-year peri­od, 10 inter­na­tio­nal par­ti­ci­pants from various Klasmann-Deilmann com­pa­nies enga­ged in lear­ning, dis­cus­sing and worked tog­e­ther – and, most import­ant­ly, got to know one ano­t­her. That was how they sum­med up their expe­ri­ence on the ‘go on’ talent pro­gram­me. “Now, whiche­ver Klasmann-Deilmann loca­ti­on I visit, I know I have a friend the­re – in Lit­hua­nia, in Ger­ma­ny and in the Nether­lands,” stres­sed one group mem­ber. “It means a lot to have con­ta­cts that you know well in other pla­ces.” The pro­gram­me real­ly bond­ed us tog­e­ther as a group,” ano­t­her par­ti­ci­pant empha­sis­ed. “We’ve got a lot out of this both pro­fes­sio­nal­ly and socially.”

Inter­na­tio­nal deve­lo­p­ment of competencies

Laun­ched in Octo­ber 2017, ‘go on’ is the Klasmann-Deilmann Group’s inter­na­tio­nal talent deve­lo­p­ment pro­gram­me. Aimed at pro­mi­sing juni­or employees, it is initi­al­ly plan­ned for a two-year peri­od. It inclu­des work­shops on par­ti­cu­lar topics like ‘Design Thin­king’. Along­side with the pro­gram­me the par­ti­ci­pants are also working on various pro­jects, with ‘go on’ pro­vi­ding an oppor­tu­ni­ty for them to deve­lop their per­so­nal skills. First time round, ‘go on’ pro­ved a gre­at suc­cess and recent­ly ended with their first par­ti­ci­pants get­ting their cer­ti­fi­ca­tes. The deve­lo­p­ment pro­gram­me for our young talent is ent­e­ring a second cycle. 

Bernd Weh­ming (Mana­ging Direc­tor, Klasmann-Deilmann GmbH) thank­ed the group’s mem­bers for the com­mit­ment and ambi­ti­on they show­ed as they took a good look at the com­pa­ny and focu­sed on rele­vant manage­ment tasks. At the end, Dirk Sajo­go (Head of HR) pre­sen­ted all the programme’s gra­dua­tes with their cer­ti­fi­ca­tes of par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on: “You are juni­or employees from dif­fe­rent sub­si­dia­ries, with dif­fe­rent fiel­ds of acti­vi­ty and dif­fe­rent trai­nee pro­gram­mes. We are hap­py you were able to build such a strong group. An inter­na­tio­nal team of indi­vi­du­als com­bi­ning their ran­ge of skills achie­ves goals fas­ter and better.”

Alum­ni net­work for graduates

The ‘go on’ pro­gram­me – which las­ted around two years – pro­ved a valu­able shared expe­ri­ence for the group mem­bers, who real­ly bond­ed. To main­tain this team spi­rit after its con­clu­si­on, an alum­ni net­work was for­med. The ‘go on’ alum­ni plan, in con­sul­ta­ti­on with HR, to meet at two-year inter­vals so they can com­pa­re notes on topi­cal issu­es. The alum­ni are avail­ab­le to ans­wer ques­ti­ons from anyo­ne inte­res­ted or future par­ti­ci­pants about all aspects of the talent programme.

Suc­cess­ful leadership

After pre­vious work­shops had cove­r­ed the topics of Design Thin­king and Chan­ge Manage­ment, the final work­shop focu­sed on the skill set requi­red in suc­cess­ful lea­ders­hip. The main aspects dis­cus­sed were dif­fe­rent lea­ders­hip styles, and how to dele­ga­te suc­cess­ful­ly, reach agree­ments, pro­vi­de con­struc­ti­ve feed­back and moti­va­te an inter­di­sci­pli­na­ry team. To achie­ve a las­ting effect bey­ond the work­shop its­elf, part­ners­hips cal­led ‘lear­ning tan­dems’ were for­med in which the two part­ners remain in con­ta­ct on other topics and are able to pro­vi­de mutu­al sup­port in their day-to-day working lives. “For each indi­vi­du­al, Klasmann-Deilmann hel­ps them make their strengths even stron­ger. Under the ‘go on’ pro­gram­me, par­ti­ci­pants expand their per­so­nal skill sets and learn how they can help suc­cess­ful­ly shape Klasmann-Deil­manns future,” stres­ses Sarah Grün­ding (HR).

To fur­ther streng­t­hen team spi­rit, par­ti­ci­pants and HR met in the evening for a boat trip tog­e­ther on Lake Vech­te in Nord­horn. Unde­ter­red by rain ear­ly on, the group – with the aid of their green umbrel­las – enjoy­ed its tour of this town on the Dut­ch-Ger­man bor­der. Roun­ding things off with a socia­ble, con­vi­vi­al acti­vi­ty like this is a good way of reflec­ting on the day together.