A strong group

First ‘go on’ programme reaches its conclusion

The last week in May saw participants of the first ‘go on’ programme come together for their final workshop at the Innovation Center in Geeste. Following an instructive and stimulating two years, they received certificates of attendance for the programme and set up an alumni network.

They came from Germany, the Netherlands, France and Lithuania. Over a two-year period, 10 international participants from various Klasmann-Deilmann companies engaged in learning, discussing and worked together – and, most importantly, got to know one another. That was how they summed up their experience on the ‘go on’ talent programme. “Now, whichever Klasmann-Deilmann location I visit, I know I have a friend there – in Lithuania, in Germany and in the Netherlands,” stressed one group member. “It means a lot to have contacts that you know well in other places.” The programme really bonded us together as a group,” another participant emphasised. “We’ve got a lot out of this both professionally and socially.”

International development of competencies

Launched in October 2017, ‘go on’ is the Klasmann-Deilmann Group’s international talent development programme. Aimed at promising junior employees, it is initially planned for a two-year period. It includes workshops on particular topics like ‘Design Thinking’. Alongside with the programme the participants are also working on various projects, with ‘go on’ providing an opportunity for them to develop their personal skills. First time round, ‘go on’ proved a great success and recently ended with their first participants getting their certificates. The development programme for our young talent is entering a second cycle.  

Bernd Wehming (Managing Director, Klasmann-Deilmann GmbH) thanked the group’s members for the commitment and ambition they showed as they took a good look at the company and focused on relevant management tasks. At the end, Dirk Sajogo (Head of HR) presented all the programme’s graduates with their certificates of participation: “You are junior employees from different subsidiaries, with different fields of activity and different trainee programmes. We are happy you were able to build such a strong group. An international team of individuals combining their range of skills achieves goals faster and better.”

Alumni network for graduates

The ‘go on’ programme – which lasted around two years – proved a valuable shared experience for the group members, who really bonded. To maintain this team spirit after its conclusion, an alumni network was formed. The ‘go on’ alumni plan, in consultation with HR, to meet at two-year intervals so they can compare notes on topical issues. The alumni are available to answer questions from anyone interested or future participants about all aspects of the talent programme.

Successful leadership

After previous workshops had covered the topics of Design Thinking and Change Management, the final workshop focused on the skill set required in successful leadership. The main aspects discussed were different leadership styles, and how to delegate successfully, reach agreements, provide constructive feedback and motivate an interdisciplinary team. To achieve a lasting effect beyond the workshop itself, partnerships called ‘learning tandems’ were formed in which the two partners remain in contact on other topics and are able to provide mutual support in their day-to-day working lives. “For each individual, Klasmann-Deilmann helps them make their strengths even stronger. Under the ‘go on’ programme, participants expand their personal skill sets and learn how they can help successfully shape Klasmann-Deilmanns future,” stresses Sarah Gründing (HR).

To further strengthen team spirit, participants and HR met in the evening for a boat trip together on Lake Vechte in Nordhorn. Undeterred by rain early on, the group – with the aid of their green umbrellas – enjoyed its tour of this town on the Dutch-German border. Rounding things off with a sociable, convivial activity like this is a good way of reflecting on the day together.