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Amprion and Klasmann-Deilmann work together to expand power grid

Expansion of Germany’s power grid is progressing well. The aim is to convey more and more wind-generated electricity from the north to the south of the country. And several of the grid expansion projects are being implemented concurrently in the Emsland region. One of these is ‘A-Nord’, a direct-current connection. In order to speed up this expansion, while keeping the impact on nature and the countryside as low as possible, the Klasmann-Deilmann Group and transmission system operator Amprion have agreed to a selective-cooperation arrangement.

The expansion and modification of power grids is very much changing the picture in terms of energy infrastructure. Old lines are being replaced by new, more efficient ones, or completely new lines are being created in order to convey the ever-increasing quantities of wind-generated power to southern Germany. One of these new lines is ‘A-Nord’, a direct-current connection that will run between Emden and the Rhineland region.

The laying of the underground power cable network will be accompanied by compensatory measures. For example, if A-Nord’s route passes through woodland, this intervention will be offset by equivalent afforestation elsewhere. The statutorily defined compensatory actions are, in particular, aimed at farmers who might lose valuable land.

To counteract this and avoid delays in expanding the grid, Dortmund-based transmission system operator Amprion will acquire Ecopoints from Emsland-based growing-media producer Klasmann-Deilmann. Amprion can use these credits as a compensation for ongoing grid expansion projects. “In this way, we are delivering on our promise to minimise the amount of land rendered unavailable for active farming,” explains Klaus Wewering, project manager for the A-Nord direct-current connection. He also believes this will have considerable benefits with regard to the project’s own goals: “We can now specifically address the important compensatory measures and hopefully implement our A-Nord project more rapidly.”

From Klasmann-Deilmann’s perspective, this agreement supports the objective of a transition to environmentally friendly energy. “Our Ecopoints are earned from regional peatland restoration measures,” says Moritz Böcking, managing director of the Klasmann-Deilmann Group. “They are now driving forward the increased use of green electricity while, at the same time, preventing land being lost in Emsland. In this way, Klasmann-Deilmann is helping to make sure grid expansion in Emsland is a win-win situation at all levels.”


Cooperating on soil protection

And there is another issue on which Klasmann-Deilmann and Amprion wish to remain in contact: soil protection. “Our experience with soils influenced by peat and peatland in the Emsland region will be helpful in terms of planning the underground power cable network,” says Moritz Böcking. “We know the value of the land here, we’re familiar with the specific conditions of local soils, and we’re keen to play an active part in this major project.” Klaus Wewering adds: “This means that, as soon as the soils here in Emsland become relevant to the project, we can make use of valuable expertise specific to this region.”

The A-Nord direct-current connection is intended to convey wind energy – most of it generated at sea – to western and southern Germany. This underground power cable network is capable of transmitting an output of two gigawatts: enough to meet the needs of a large city like Cologne twice over.

For further information on the project, and maps of the routes, visit (website in German).

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