Nadine John

When #stay­ing­home is not an option

Sub­stra­te pro­duc­tion in the face of coronavirus

Des­pi­te the coro­na­vi­rus: #stay­ing­home is not an opti­on for Klasmann-Deilmann’s pro­duc­tion ope­ra­ti­ons. Employees working on the peat­land rail­way, loading vehi­cles or the mixing faci­li­ty are indis­pensable. Bas Tref­fers, Head of Pro­duc­tion at Klasmann-Deilmann Bene­lux at the port of Rot­ter­dam, empha­si­ses: “Our col­leagues are doing over­ti­me to ensu­re that the pro­duc­tion of gro­wing media con­ti­nues at its usu­al pace. They are kee­ping not only our busi­ness going, but also the com­mer­cial hor­ti­cul­tu­ral sec­tor as a whole.”

By way of respon­se to the coro­na­vi­rus pan­de­mic, strict hygie­ne rules are in for­ce at pro­duc­tion plants: employees have been inst­ruc­ted to dis­in­fect items such as key­boards, touch­screens and stee­ring wheels after use. Face masks and con­ta­ct­less ther­mo­me­ters have been orde­red. Breaks are taken in dif­fe­rent rooms. “Sepa­ra­ting the ear­ly, late and night shifts was important in order to redu­ce the risk of the infec­tion sprea­ding wit­hin the plant,” says Micha­el Per­schl, Mana­ging Direc­tor of the two com­pa­nies ‘Pro­duk­ti­ons­ge­sell­schaft Nord’ and ‘Pro­duk­ti­ons­ge­sell­schaft Süd’ in Ger­ma­ny. In the dis­patch depart­ments, too, our own staff are kept sepa­ra­te from truck dri­vers. “The bot­tom line is that this even pro­tects the hor­ti­cul­tu­ral com­pa­nies that the dri­vers are hea­ding for,” Per­schl adds. “We are brea­king the chains of infec­tion whe­re­ver possible.”


As in other com­pa­nies, lon­ger shifts and other mea­su­res ensu­re reli­able pro­duc­tion of gro­wing media at Klasmann-Deilmann Benelux.


Bas Tref­fers, Head of Pro­duc­tion, Klasmann-Deilmann Benelux.

In Schie­dam,” says Bas Tref­fers, “we keep a list of the dif­fe­rent roles that can be assu­med by our employees. Their main role is, of cour­se, the func­tion that they nor­mal­ly have. But they have addi­tio­nal­ly been assi­gned to a second and third role as stand-in: if the­re is a bot­t­len­eck some­whe­re, we can quick­ly appoint someo­ne to help out.”

The Klasmann-Deilmann Coro­na­vi­rus Cri­sis Manage­ment Team holds a video con­fe­rence every day. “Reviewing the situa­ti­on at our pro­duc­tion plants takes prio­ri­ty,” sta­tes Mana­ging Direc­tor Moritz Böcking. “They make the dif­fe­rence bet­ween whe­ther or not we can con­ti­nue to sup­ply our cus­to­mers, whe­ther or not things keep run­ning smooth­ly at Klasmann-Deilmann. Des­pi­te all the­se chal­len­ges, we know that our col­leagues come through time and again. That is some­thing for which we are extre­me­ly grateful.”