Larissa Gilke

Training bibs for refugee football team

Responsibility to society

Responsible business enterprises also demonstrate social commitment – and Klasmann-Deilmann accordingly provides various forms of support for non-profit and cultural projects and also promotes local sports activities. The company recently equipped a refugee football team with bibs to use during training.

The weather in north Germany can seem pretty bleak at times – especially if you are out on the football pitch training on a rainy November evening. This is felt even more keenly by players who come from countries with a hot climate, i.e. the roughly 20 multinational refugees who have attended the football training sessions at Bunde sports club (“TV Bunde”) every week since the end of last year. Hardly surprising, then, that both players and club were delighted to receive the training bibs sponsored by Klasmann-Deilmann. “This is not something you can take for granted,” said Gerold van Hoorn, head of the TV Bunde football department. “As we all work in an honorary capacity, we are grateful for any support.”


Klasmann-Deilmann is fully aware that entrepreneurship means more than just doing business successfully. That is why the company provides financial, moral and voluntary support for selected non-profit and cultural projects, holds a huge fundraising campaign in the run-up to Christmas every year, and supports local sports clubs. Klasmann-Deilmann’s regional roots in Emsland mean a great deal to the company, which was a founder member of the Emsland career and family foundation in 2006 and which pays strict attention to the implementation of family-friendly policies at the company itself.