Nadine John

This Eas­ter, say it with flowers!

Put a smi­le on the faces of your fami­lies and our customers

When Eas­ter comes, spring has alrea­dy arri­ved. There’s more than a hint of warm­th, the air is full of bird­song and the first trees are alrea­dy in leaf. For many of us in Euro­pe the unwrit­ten rule is that, when the fami­ly comes tog­e­ther at Eas­ter, the gar­den or bal­co­ny must be dres­sed in their Sunday best.

This year, we are con­scious­ly limi­t­ing visits to rela­ti­ves and friends. But this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t spruce up our gar­dens and bal­co­nies. And we can still have a beau­ti­ful bou­quet of flowers sent to a loved one.

For ever­yo­ne, Eas­ter just wouldn’t be the same without flowers. But for our cus­to­mers in com­mer­cial hor­ti­cul­tu­re, unab­le to sell their orna­men­tal plants, the con­se­quen­ces would be far more drastic …

Des­pi­te the restric­tions, we can put a smi­le on the face of our nea­rest and dea­rest while at the same time sup­por­ting our cus­to­mers’ business:

Let’s give flowers!

We have invi­ted our employees, num­be­ring more than one thousand world­wi­de, to sup­port gro­wers and do a nice thing for others. And we can also encou­ra­ge our friends, acquain­tan­ces and fami­lies to make a gift of a plant this Eas­ter. Inde­ed, if we give one or two bou­quets of flowers, pot plants or pot­ted herbs, we give more than just a plant.

Whe­ther your local gar­den cent­re and flower shop are allo­wed to open will depend on whe­re you live. Alt­hough out­lets have been orde­red to clo­se, many retailers have come up with crea­ti­ve sel­ling solu­ti­ons. Some of them sell direct­ly from roadsi­de stalls, some gar­den cen­tres have a dri­ve-through ser­vice in their car parks, and some busi­nes­ses offer an online sales and deli­very ser­vice. It’s always worth asking!

Here, as else­whe­re, plea­se obser­ve the well-estab­lis­hed hygie­ne rules and keep the requi­red distance from others.

We wish you a hap­py Eas­ter time. Let’s do the best we can to make it special!