This Easter, say it with flowers!

Put a smile on the faces of your families and our customers

When Easter comes, spring has already arrived. There’s more than a hint of warmth, the air is full of birdsong and the first trees are already in leaf. For many of us in Europe the unwritten rule is that, when the family comes together at Easter, the garden or balcony must be dressed in their Sunday best.

This year, we are consciously limiting visits to relatives and friends. But this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t spruce up our gardens and balconies. And we can still have a beautiful bouquet of flowers sent to a loved one.

For everyone, Easter just wouldn’t be the same without flowers. But for our customers in commercial horticulture, unable to sell their ornamental plants, the consequences would be far more drastic …

Despite the restrictions, we can put a smile on the face of our nearest and dearest while at the same time supporting our customers’ business:

Let’s give flowers!

We have invited our employees, numbering more than one thousand worldwide, to support growers and do a nice thing for others. And we can also encourage our friends, acquaintances and families to make a gift of a plant this Easter. Indeed, if we give one or two bouquets of flowers, pot plants or potted herbs, we give more than just a plant.

Whether your local garden centre and flower shop are allowed to open will depend on where you live. Although outlets have been ordered to close, many retailers have come up with creative selling solutions. Some of them sell directly from roadside stalls, some garden centres have a drive-through service in their car parks, and some businesses offer an online sales and delivery service. It’s always worth asking!

Here, as elsewhere, please observe the well-established hygiene rules and keep the required distance from others.

We wish you a happy Easter time. Let’s do the best we can to make it special!