Dirk Röse

RPP cer­ti­fied har­ve­s­ting areas

78% of har­ve­s­ted volu­mes RPP certified

Klasmann-Deilmann sup­ports the Euro­pean Non Govern­men­tal Orga­niz­a­ti­on „Respon­si­b­ly Pro­du­ced Peat“ (RPP). The aim is the respon­si­ble use of peat har­ve­s­ting are­as and the pro­tec­tion of natu­ral peat­lands. To this end, RPP has estab­lis­hed a cer­ti­fi­ca­ti­on sys­tem that demons­tra­b­ly com­bi­nes the selec­tion, use and res­to­ra­ti­on of extrac­tion are­as with strict requirements.

In recent years, Klasmann-Deilmann has app­lied for RPP cer­ti­fi­ca­ti­on for most of the extrac­tion sites. By the end of 2018, this had been obtai­ned for 76% of the total har­ve­s­ting area. And, in the 2018 finan­cial year, 75% of the peat pro­du­ced was from RPP-cer­ti­fied sites.


Estab­lis­hed in 2013 RPP aims at:

  • Lea­ving natu­ral peat­lands of high con­ser­va­ti­on value untouched, and pre­ser­ving them over the long term;
  • Per­mit­ting con­trol­led peat pro­duc­tion sole­ly on sites alrea­dy drai­ned and/or pre­vious­ly used for agriculture;
  • Ensu­ring the long-term avai­la­bi­li­ty of peat as a valu­able gro­wing-media constituent;
  • Incre­a­sing the rate of peat pro­duc­tion from degra­ded peat­lands so that res­to­ra­ti­on mea­su­res can be star­ted as ear­ly as possible.


RPP brings tog­e­ther rele­vant lob­by groups across the peat and sub­stra­te indus­try, inclu­ding renow­ned sci­en­tists, envi­ron­men­tal asso­cia­ti­ons and many com­pa­nies in the sec­tor. RPP aspi­res to con­sist­ent­ly achie­ve a workab­le balan­ce bet­ween the inte­rests of the sub­stra­te indus­try and tho­se of natu­re con­ser­va­ti­on and cli­ma­te pro­tec­tion. The aim is to estab­lish the RPP label as a pres­ti­gious, reli­able and reco­gnis­ed envi­ron­men­tal stan­dard simi­lar to PEFC and FSC.

To this end, RPP has estab­lis­hed a reli­able and trans­pa­rent cer­ti­fi­ca­ti­on sys­tem for respon­si­ble peat pro­duc­tion. Mem­ber com­pa­nies and their extrac­tion are­as are exami­ned by an inde­pen­dent audi­tor on behalf of cer­ti­fi­ca­ti­on orga­ni­sa­ti­on ECAS.

In recent deca­des, 8,800 hec­ta­res of for­mer peat har­ve­s­ting are­as has been rewet­ted, refo­res­ted or pre­pa­red for sub­se­quent agri­cul­tu­ral use by Klasmann-Deilmann. Of this total, 4,500 hec­ta­res of rewet­ted are­as are per­ma­nent­ly avail­ab­le as bio­to­pes for natu­re con­ser­va­ti­on and cli­ma­te protection.


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