Alina Strickmann

Our new website

Modern, inviting, clearly laid out … After 1999, 2006 and 2009, this is the fourth time we have launched a new Internet presence.

Our new website is now online! The previous version was showing its age a bit, mainly because the technical possibilities and user habits on the WorldWideWeb are constantly evolving. The changeover to our current corporate design provided a fitting opportunity to overhaul our online presence.

The pages are responsive. Whatever device you use to access our website, the layout is adapted to the screen being used. This means the look of our Internet pages varies somewhat depending on whether you’re using a PC, a notebook computer, a smartphone or a tablet – but it’s consistently user-friendly.

Our content is arranged in a clearer manner. The navigation categories have been streamlined; they reflect the substance of our corporate presentation, they depict the structure of our company and centre on key strategic issues. Careers, sustainability and renewable energy are given a stronger emphasis than on the previous website. There is greater use of images and graphics, and the texts are shorter. Video clips are included, as are links leading to YouTube, Xing and LinkedIn.

Enjoy a stimulating scrolling experience!