Dirk Röse

Our new website

Modern, invi­t­ing, clear­ly laid out … After 1999, 2006 and 2009, this is the fourth time we have laun­ched a new Inter­net presence.

Our new web­site is now online! The pre­vious ver­si­on was showing its age a bit, main­ly becau­se the tech­ni­cal pos­si­bi­li­ties and user habits on the World­Wi­de­Web are con­stant­ly evol­ving. The chan­geo­ver to our cur­rent cor­po­ra­te design pro­vi­ded a fit­ting oppor­tu­ni­ty to over­haul our online presence.

The pages are respon­si­ve. Wha­te­ver device you use to access our web­site, the lay­out is adap­ted to the screen being used. This means the look of our Inter­net pages varies some­what depen­ding on whe­ther you’re using a PC, a note­book com­pu­ter, a smart­pho­ne or a tablet – but it’s con­sist­ent­ly user-friendly.

Our con­tent is arran­ged in a clea­rer man­ner. The navi­ga­ti­on cate­go­ries have been stream­li­ned; they reflect the sub­s­tance of our cor­po­ra­te pre­sen­ta­ti­on, they depict the struc­tu­re of our com­pa­ny and cent­re on key stra­te­gic issu­es. Care­ers, sus­taina­bi­li­ty and rene­wa­ble ener­gy are given a stron­ger empha­sis than on the pre­vious web­site. The­re is grea­ter use of images and gra­phics, and the texts are shor­ter. Video clips are inclu­ded, as are links lea­ding to You­Tube, Xing and LinkedIn.

Enjoy a sti­mu­la­ting scrol­ling experience!