Larissa Gilke

Active health management for fit and motivated employees

Internal Employer Branding


Healthy and energetic employees are a key factor for a company’s success. Klasmann-Deilmann implements an active health management policy to promote the wellbeing of its staff.

Whether regular health check-ups, free flu jabs or contributing to the employee’s gym fees, Klasmann-Deilmann does a great deal for its workforce. “The aim of our health management policy is to maintain, improve or restore the health and wellbeing of our employees,” says Benedikt Kossen (Human Resources). Health management is therefore integrated into all operating processes. A health committee made up of executives, works council members and the company medical officer holds regular meetings to discuss the current and future measures aimed at promoting staff health.

Especially in this age of demographic change, an active health management policy plays an increasingly important role. Employees now have to work until they are older and the average employee age is therefore rising, thus putting the focus more and more on staff health. “We wish to support this process as far as possible by offering attractive conditions such as flexible working hours, providing the right working tools and equipment and, above all, by promoting staff health,” explains Benedikt Kossen.


Heavy physical work is already the exception at Klasmann-Deilmann: most of the work processes in the industrial sector are meanwhile mechanised and the equipment at office workplaces has already reached a high level at all corporate locations. The watchword here is ergonomics. But whereas the physical effort required of the employees is continually declining, the psychosocial stress is on the increase, just as it is everywhere in society. “This is a priority subject that is one of the top items on the agenda of our prevention policies,” reports Wolfgang Otto, Chairman of the General Works Council.

Active health management is just one of a number of measures implemented by Klasmann-Deilmann to enhance its employer branding.