Microbial enriched growing media

Strong disease suppressing effects with TerrAktiv PLUS

The biological suppression of common plant diseases increasingly becomes the preferred alternative to chemical plant protection. Adding biostimulants to a growing medium can induce the required suppressing effects. Based on long-term research, Klasmann-Deilmann has developed TerrAktiv PLUS, a unique constituent consisting of green compost enriched with specialized microbial biostimulants.

“Compared to other biostimulant products,” says Dr Sebastian Kipp, head of product development at Klasmann-Deilmann, “TerrAktiv PLUS shows reliable and superior effects in suppressing common plant diseases in ornamental plants and other horticultural crops.”

Dr Sebastian Kipp, head of product development at Klasmann-Deilmann

Growers rely on an efficient suppression of plant diseases. However, regulatory hurdles for the use of fungicides are raised year by year. Therefore, biological solutions to defend plants against diseases such as Pythium, Phytophthora and Fusarium are getting more and more important. Adding the right biostimulants can cause a suppressive effect in growing media and prevent crop diseases. To bridge this gap in horticultural production, Klasmann-Deilmann has developed a unique solution.

In a series of scientific trials in collaboration with independent research institutes, we have investigated the efficiency of various fungal and bacterial strains to suppress common crop diseases. “The performance of our new product was also tested in comparison with commonly used biostimulants,” says Sebastian Kipp. “The outcome of all trials confirm that TerrAktiv PLUS provides the strongest suppressive effect among all biostimulant products tested.” A proportion of 5-10% by volume in standard growing media is sufficient to achieve outstanding results.


TerrAktiv PLUS …

  • is based on TerrAktiv green compost made from 100% plant-based constituents;
  • is additionally enriched with a microbial additive that optimises the suppressive effect;
  • is rich in natural amino acids and enzymes;
  • contains high levels of trace elements;
  • yields highly positive effects, especially in terms of the quality of sensitive crops;
  • is the superior alternative to all commonly used biostimulants for growing media.


TerrAktiv PLUS ensures …

  • strong microbial vitalisation of substrates;
  • greater resistance to soil-borne fungal pathogens;
  • enhanced conversion of organic fertilisers into plant-available nutrients;
  • suppression of mould formation;
  • healthier, more robust crops;
  • improved root growth.


TerrAktiv PLUS – ideal for container-grown crops

Just one example of many: Container substrate 2 coarse + 10% TerrAktiv PLUS