Lithuania and back again

French customers discover Silute

A group of French growers visited the production sites and extraction areas in Silute. Very impressed by the Lithuanian hospitality and the high quality standards, they returned home with numerous impressions of the country.

Instead of repeatedly giving long explanations of what makes up the quality of Klasmann-Deilmann products, the team of Klasmann-Deilmann France invited our key accounts in France – mainly ornamental plant growers – on a two-day trip to Lithuania to see things for themselves at the production plant and the peat extraction sites at Silute. Kazimieras Kaminskas (Managing Director Klasmann-Deilmann Silute) received the French delegation and gave a very lively presentation about the country Lithuania and the location of Klasmann-Deilmann Silute. Then they went deeper into the matter of substrate formation – from peat extraction to palletizing in the plant. Through this theoretical input we created a good basis so that the growers could also see and understand the following stages of the visit from an all-embracing perspective. We now went to the peat extraction areas and to the factory where most of our substrates are produced for the international market.

Lasting impressions will facilitate cooperation

The customers were greatly impressed by what they saw and their feedback showed that they had gained a much better idea of the crucial factors for the production of growing media and above all, what is needed to create a top quality product: “It was really impressive to see all the machinery at the extraction sites and in the factories. This gave us a far better grasp of the investments that are needed.” – “Over the last two days, we have seen for ourselves that quality and safety are not just a marketing claim at Klasmann-Deilmann, but part and parcel of the entire production process.”

The visitors were also fascinated by the large number of different raw materials that are used to produce the growing media. “We now have a much better idea of how the growing media are composed, which means that our discussions with the Klasmann-Deilmann France staff will be much more constructive and effective in future.”

Big thank you to everyone involved

The French were very pleased with the hospitality of their Lithuanian colleagues. “Our guests and we were delighted with the warm welcome that the Lithuanian team gave us,” emphasised Fabien Pérain (Managing Director Klasmann-Deilmann France). 

Our colleagues will remember this visit for a long time to come. We have noticed that this professional exchange between customers, production companies and sales partners is very effective for future cooperation and creates a great basis of trust. At the end of the trip we visited one of the peninsulas of Nerija. The coast of the seaside resort of Nida with its tranquil lake landscape offered space to review the impressions of the past two days and to get to know each other personally.