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Larissa Gilke

Electromobility in Geeste

Electric car and charging station

Sustainability is also a criterion when it comes to business trips and commuting to and from work. The company has now provided an electric car and a charging station in the staff car park, so that employees at our head office in Geeste now have the option of using renewable energy on business trips or for the journey home from work.

The management at Geeste had been considering providing staff with an electric car as part of the company car pool for some time, but had been sceptical about the possible range of these vehicles. In the meantime, more and more models have a substantially longer range, so that e-mobility is now a practicable option.

The decision to install a charging point for electric vehicles was made in the course of planning the new Innovation Center and one idea led to the next.

The charging station in the staff car park has two connectors so that two vehicles can be charged with green hydroelectric power at the same time. In contrast to the twelve hours needed to recharge an electric car from a domestic power point, the charging station can fully recharge the battery in just three hours. The electricity for a full charge costs around six euros. Anyone who decides to commute to work with a private electric car in future can therefore recharge the battery here quickly and inexpensively.

The new electric car in the company car pool is a BMW i3. It has an approximate range of 180 kilometres, making it an attractive option even for longer journeys. “The range of electric cars has meanwhile improved significantly, which is why we now want to try out this new technology and see how well it is accepted by our staff,” says Managing Director Bernd Wehming. “Promoting the use of renewable energy for business travel, too, will put our sustainability activities on a broader footing.”