Alina Strickmann

Donations from Klasmann-Deilmann staff

Helping people in distress, supporting voluntary workers, helping people to help themselves – these central elements of our corporate social responsibility were at the heart of a small celebration at Klasmann-Deilmann, when Jörg de Groot and Managing Director Norbert Siebels presented two symbolic cheques for donations of EUR 4000 each to two organisations in the town of Twist called “Seitenblicke” and “Arche”. Ernst Schmitz, Mayor of Twist, Peter Liedtke from the local council and Heike Theisling, Chairwoman of “Seitenblicke” were all delighted to receive this welcome support.

As part of an internal fundraising campaign, the staff of Klasmann-Deilmann in Groß Hesepe had made generous donations as bids for advertising materials used by the Klasmann-Deilmann Group. They raised a total of EUR 4000 and that sum was then doubled by the management. Klasmann-Deilmann employee Jörg de Groot proposed the two organisations and arranged for transfer of the total sum of EUR 8000.

Norbert Siebels stated that for many years Klasmann-Deilmann had elected not to give Christmas gifts and had instead made donations to various non-profit organisations during the Advent season. “Although today’s donations fit in well with our corporate policy, they are nevertheless really special because the idea and the funds came from our employees,” said Siebels.


Encouraging voluntary workers (from left): Norbert Siebels, Ernst Schmitz, Peter Liedtke, Heike Theisling, Jörg de Groot.

Ernst Schmitz informed the attendees about the work done in the municipality of Twist to help members of the local population. He reminded them how quickly a stroke of fate could turn someone’s life upside down and how good it was to have somebody to turn to for help. Schmitz thanked the two organisations which provided help with such great commitment and also thanked the partners from other institutions, such as nurseries, schools and help for the aged, who supported these activities. “Our ‘Arche’ becomes involved when all other options have been exhausted and provides direct assistance without any red tape,” explained Peter Liedtke from the local Department of Public Order, Labour and Social Affairs. Heike Theisling added how important it was to provide not only financial assistance, but also personal support. “Being able to donate time is important. That is always in demand and is always gratefully received.” An app called “Twist packt mit an” – or “Twist lends a hand” – has been designed to coordinate requests for assistance and offers of assistance and is meanwhile very popular.

Norbert Siebels was impressed with the great variety of commitment within the community. “It is good that campaigns like this prevent people who live amongst us from becoming isolated and help to alleviate their distress. We sincerely hope that our contribution will support your good and useful work. We wish you great success in everything you do for the people in our region.”