Bio becomes ProLine

From January 2021, “Bio” substrates by Klasmann-Deilmann will be given a new name. Step by step they will be renamed “ProLine”.

This is due to stricter EU requirements for the use of terms such as “Bio”, “Organic” and “Eco”, which are expected to come into force on 1 January 2022. The term “Bio Substrate” will also no longer be permitted from this date.

“We want to respond to this development in good time,” says Dr Horst Kupschus, Managing Director of the Klasmann-Deilmann Europe sales company. “Our customers and partners will hardly notice any difference. The recipes will stay the same and the substrates will also remain as good as before”.

However, the packaging will be adapted to EU directives and will bear the name ProLine. To underline the special claim of the product line, the EcoCert® logo and the RPP logo for responsibly produced peat are also displayed.

“We decided on ‘Pro’ because these substrates stand for all that is good, sustainable and future-oriented,” says Horst Kupschus about ProLine. “We understand the addition ‘Line’ not only as a synonym for assortment or range, but also as an expression of stringency, continuity and the goal we pursue together with our customers in ecological horticulture”.