Skadi Menne

Bio beco­mes ProLine

From Janu­a­ry 2021, „Bio” substrates by Klasmann-Deilmann will be given a new name. Step by step they will be ren­a­med „Pro­Li­ne”.

This is due to stric­ter EU requi­re­ments for the use of terms such as „Bio”, „Orga­nic” and „Eco”, which are expec­ted to come into for­ce on 1 Janu­a­ry 2022. The term „Bio Sub­stra­te” will also no lon­ger be per­mit­ted from this date.

We want to respond to this deve­lo­p­ment in good time,” says Dr Horst Kup­schus, Mana­ging Direc­tor of the Klasmann-Deilmann Euro­pe sales com­pa­ny. „Our cus­to­mers and part­ners will hard­ly noti­ce any dif­fe­rence. The reci­pes will stay the same and the substrates will also remain as good as before”.

Howe­ver, the pack­a­ging will be adap­ted to EU direc­ti­ves and will bear the name Pro­Li­ne. To under­line the spe­cial claim of the pro­duct line, the EcoCert® logo and the RPP logo for respon­si­b­ly pro­du­ced peat are also displayed.

We deci­ded on ‘Pro’ becau­se the­se substrates stand for all that is good, sus­tainab­le and future-ori­en­ted,” says Horst Kup­schus about Pro­Li­ne. „We under­stand the addi­ti­on ‘Line’ not only as a syn­onym for assort­ment or ran­ge, but also as an expres­si­on of strin­gen­cy, con­ti­nui­ty and the goal we pur­sue tog­e­ther with our cus­to­mers in eco­lo­gi­cal horticulture”.