Kim Karotki

Ano­t­her year draws to a close

The year is gra­du­al­ly drawing to an end and a new one is almost upon us.

For many peop­le, this is a time for reflec­tion: to spend time with friends or fami­ly, to go out for a cosy meal, to look back at the past year, or to await or pre­pa­re for the new one with cus­toms, ritu­als or by making resolutions.

Whiche­ver part of the world you live in, whe­ther you cele­bra­te New Year’s Eve by mar­vel­ling at a fire­works dis­play, eating gra­pes or len­tils, jum­ping over waves or off chairs – we wish you a hap­py holi­day sea­son and a healt­hy and pro­spe­rous 2017!

With this post, we are clo­sing the blog for 2016. We are loo­king for­ward to sharing more news, reports and inter­views with you next year.


The Klasmann-Deilmann edi­to­ri­al team

Kim Karotki, Her­mann Limbers, Geerd Smidt, Dirk Röse