Nadine John

A high pro­por­ti­on of alter­na­ti­ve constituents

GreenFibre and con­tai­ner mulch com­bi­ne very well

Ehlers, a tree nur­s­e­ry in the Ger­man town of Wes­ter­stede, is among Klasmann-Deilmann’s cus­to­mers. It uses a con­tai­ner sub­stra­te with 25% GreenFibre, and also containermulch. This is a reci­pe not only for good plant growth; the high pro­por­ti­on of alter­na­ti­ve con­sti­tu­ents also hel­ps ensu­re sus­tainab­le production.


Our gro­wing media offer roots ide­al sup­port. Both root balls and the lay­er of con­tai­ner mulch on top remain sta­ble even without a pot.

Tree nur­s­e­ry Ehlers has been a Klasmann-Deilmann cus­to­mer sin­ce 2016. The con­ta­ct for this account is Hol­ger Bude­rich, a Ger­man mem­ber of our field sales team. “We sup­ply con­tai­ner sub­stra­te con­tai­ning a wet­ting agent,” he exp­lains. “The­re are actual­ly two dif­fe­rent pro­ducts: a medi­um with a pH of 4.5 for eri­cace­ous plants and gras­ses, and a sub­stra­te with a pH of 5.2 for deci­duous plants and coni­fers. And Ehlers also uses our containermulch.” Thus com­bi­ned, the high pro­por­ti­on of rene­wa­ble resour­ces adds up to a lot. “GreenFibre makes up 25% of the con­tai­ner sub­stra­te, and use of containermulch as a covering mate­ri­al means that, on a per-pot basis, alter­na­ti­ve con­sti­tu­ents account for around 40% of our pro­ducts uti­li­sed here,” reports an enthu­si­astic Buderich.


Klasmann-Deilmann’s wood fib­re pro­duct saves time and adds quality

Seni­or mana­ger Jür­gen Ehlers.

The Ehlers tree nur­s­e­ry is deligh­ted with the­se pro­ducts sourced from Klasmann-Deilmann. “Chief­ly due to the use of containermulch, the need for her­bici­des has been vir­tual­ly eli­mi­na­ted. And our staff now have to devo­te only very litt­le time and effort to weed­ing,” says seni­or mana­ger Jür­gen Ehlers. “Also, espe­cial­ly in sum­mer, the­re is ano­t­her noti­ce­ab­le effect: covering with mulch redu­ces water eva­po­ra­ti­on, and we don’t need to water so often. So the use of raw wood mate­ri­als means we save not only peat, but water as well.”


A sup­plier of gar­den cen­tres, the Ehlers tree nur­s­e­ry is addi­tio­nal­ly bene­fit­ting in terms of pre­pa­ring pots for dis­patch. Addi­ti­on of con­tai­ner mulch makes the pro­cess 20% less time-con­suming, as the­re is no need to remo­ve weeds and liverworts.

More alter­na­ti­ve con­sti­tu­ents, less need for water, lower her­bici­de use, less manu­al work. “This means that, using Klasmann-Deilmann pro­ducts, we have achie­ved a high­ly sus­tainab­le pro­duc­tion sys­tem,” Jür­gen Ehlers concludes.

A wide ran­ge of plants are grown for sup­ply to gar­den cen­tres. Under Jür­gen Ehlers, the firm has deve­lo­ped from being a sup­plier of other tree nur­se­ries to a busi­ness that direct­ly sells to owner-ope­ra­ted gar­den cen­tres and wholesalers.

Sin­ce 2019, the tree nur­s­e­ry has been ope­ra­ting a new indoor faci­li­ty for pot­ted plants. It inclu­des a sub­stra­te sto­rage unit and a new pot­ting machi­ne with a mul­cher. The faci­li­ty also has a buf­fer con­veyor and a fork-lift with forks for posi­tio­ning pots.