Dirk Röse

Special growing media for soft fruits

Strawberries, raspberries or blueberries

The demand for soft fruits has been rising steadily throughout the world for years, and more and more horticultural businesses are now growing strawberries, raspberries or blueberries. Klasmann-Deilmann helps would-be growers get started — with growing media developed specially for growing soft fruits and guidelines which provide all the necessary facts and advice.

Horticultural businesses that would like to start growing soft fruits are often faced with a multitude of questions to begin with: What are the advantages of growing them in the ground, what are the arguments in favour of soil-free cultivation? What growing systems are available and which is most suitable for my business’s particular conditions? What requirements does a growing medium have to fulfil and which is the right product for my crop? And finally: What problems will I commonly face when growing soft fruits and how can I resolve them?

Klasmann-Deilmann provides horticultural businesses with practical help and assistance with all these questions. Our experts offer comprehensive and detailed advice on all aspects of soft fruits cultivation. They have also drawn up guidelines which deal with the most important facts and contain answers to the most common questions. “Our GreenNotes sum up all the fundamentals of growing, crop management, substrate use and fertilisation as support for businesses that are growing soft fruits for the first time,” says Hermann Konnemann, Technical Product Consultant.


The growing medium is a crucial factor for the success of the soft fruits crop and Klasmann-Deilmann has developed special substrates to meet the requirements of horticultural businesses as exactly as possible. The substrates ‘TS 4 Soft Fruits with Perlite’ and ‘TS 4 Soft Fruits with GreenFibre’, for example, are ideal for cultivation in containers or in substrate-filled gutters, while ‘TS1 Soft Fruits Propagation Substrate’ was developed specially for young plant propagation. “All these growing media have a pH value and nutrient supply designed specifically for soft fruits. This means that our range of growing media provides a reliable basis for successful crops,” says Hermann Konnemann.