Dirk Röse

Rejoining the IVG

Working together in the association

Klasmann-Deilmann has been a member of the ‘Industrieverband Garten’ (IVG) again since 1 January 2023. We will work together with other companies for the interests of our sector and bundle important competences.

Dirk Röse (Head of Corporate Communications) reports: “In the past years, we were able to position Klasmann-Deilmann as an important and competent discussion partner at various events. However, as the political pressure on our industry is increasing, especially from Berlin, and is carried on to Brussels, the German substrate producers should appear with united strength.”

Managing Director Moritz Böcking supports this development: “Many laws and plans are being worked on in Berlin and Brussels that can have a direct impact on our economic development and our raw material situation. It is therefore important that our industry gets involved at all levels and campaigns for viable framework conditions.”

Not only in Germany, but also in other countries, we participate in political developments through the national associations. The most important association remains Growing Media Europe, based in Brussels. The aim is to develop solutions that take into account the interests of politics, climate protection, nurseries and substrate producers.