Alina Strickmann

The ornamentals specialists

Hanmi Plug – a new partner in South Korea

Our Singapore-based subsidiary Klasmann-Deilmann Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. and South Korean firm Hanmi Plug (Korea America Seed + Seedling Co. Ltd.) are working hand-in-hand to distribute growing media for the ornamental plants segment in South Korea. At the International Plant Fair (IPM) in Essen, a cooperation agreement in force since 1 January 2019 was signed.

On behalf of Klasmann-Deilmann, it was Moritz Böcking (Managing Director Klasmann-Deilmann Group) and Bert Desmet (Managing Director Klasmann-Deilmann Asia Pacific) who put their signatures to the contract. Among those attending the IPM from Hanmi Plug were its president Kim Si Bok and sales director Kim Tae Kyung.

Bert Desnet was optimistic about the prospects for South Korea: “The country is among Asia’s most highly attractive markets. Klasmann-Deilmann has had operations there for many years and has long established a positive image for itself. Our growing media ‘made in Europe’ have a deserved reputation for their excellent quality and effectiveness.” In some parts of the commercial-horticulture industry, therefore, Klasmann-Deilmann is already doing well in South Korea. Through its partnership with Hanmi Plug, the company now wants to increase its involvement in the ornamental plants segment as well. “So we’re delighted to be able to enter into this agreement with Hanmi Plug, and are looking forward to working together.”

Formed in 1991, Hanmi Plug (Korea America Seed + Seedling Co. Ltd.) has secured itself a firm position in the South Korean horticultural-production industry. The company’s main focus is currently on activities in the fields of crop seed and young-plant production. “We’re seeking continued growth, and are pleased to have a strong partner alongside us in the form of Klasmann-Deilmann,” says company president Kim Si Bok.