Dirk Röse

New iden­ti­ty for a long-estab­lis­hed brand

More inter­na­tio­nal, more modern, and with more emo­tio­nal resonance.

World­wi­de, Klasmann-Deilmann’s gro­wing media are syn­ony­mous with qua­li­ty, relia­bi­li­ty, inno­va­ti­on and sus­taina­bi­li­ty. In our com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on, the­se values are par­ti­cu­lar­ly asso­cia­ted with the ‘green K’, which is cur­r­ent­ly one of the few trade­marks in the hor­ti­cul­tu­ral indus­try to have a glo­bal impact. Now more than ever, the green K forms the heart of our cor­po­ra­te design: the name ‘Klasmann-Deilmann’ no lon­ger appears.

The slo­gan ‘we make it grow’ remains; howe­ver, it has been given a more modern look. “In only four words, it com­mu­ni­ca­tes the essence of our brand,” exp­lains Car­men Meck­len­burg, in char­ge of cor­po­ra­te iden­ti­ty at Klasmann-Deilmann. “So it’s just as vital as the green K.” The foun­ding year, 1913, has been added, high­ligh­t­ing the company’s long-stan­ding expertise.

In rela­ti­on to the logo, too, the brand iden­ti­ty has been thought­ful­ly resty­led. For examp­le, the visu­al con­cept has beco­me more emo­tio­nal­ly inten­se. “Our substrates bene­fit many peop­le both direct­ly and indi­rect­ly, and that’s what we want our motifs to con­vey,” says Car­men Meck­len­burg. So the domi­nant aspects illus­tra­ted and seen are ‘peop­le’, ‘substrates’ and ‘plants’.

The respon­se to the new iden­ti­ty is posi­ti­ve, with adjec­ti­ves like ‘enga­ging’, ‘friend­ly’ and ‘authen­tic’ occur­ring in feed­back. Our cor­po­ra­te design has thus achie­ved its first objec­ti­ve and can be used in diver­se ways in the years to come.