Alina Strickmann

New identity for a long-established brand

More international, more modern, and with more emotional resonance.

Worldwide, Klasmann-Deilmann’s growing media are synonymous with quality, reliability, innovation and sustainability. In our communication, these values are particularly associated with the ‘green K’, which is currently one of the few trademarks in the horticultural industry to have a global impact. Now more than ever, the green K forms the heart of our corporate design: the name ‘Klasmann-Deilmann’ no longer appears.

The slogan ‘we make it grow’ remains; however, it has been given a more modern look. “In only four words, it communicates the essence of our brand,” explains Carmen Mecklenburg, in charge of corporate identity at Klasmann-Deilmann. “So it’s just as vital as the green K.” The founding year, 1913, has been added, highlighting the company’s long-standing expertise.

In relation to the logo, too, the brand identity has been thoughtfully restyled. For example, the visual concept has become more emotionally intense. “Our substrates benefit many people both directly and indirectly, and that’s what we want our motifs to convey,” says Carmen Mecklenburg. So the dominant aspects illustrated and seen are ‘people’, ‘substrates’ and ‘plants’.

The response to the new identity is positive, with adjectives like ‘engaging’, ‘friendly’ and ‘authentic’ occurring in feedback. Our corporate design has thus achieved its first objective and can be used in diverse ways in the years to come.