Lower failure rates thanks to Log & Solve

Digital business management

The coronavirus pandemic is boosting acceptance of digital solutions. Klasmann-Deilmann‘s Innovation Team in the Netherlands are developing applications to take horticulture into the future. Sjors Beijer has played a central role in moving the Log & Solve online platform forward.

“Both Klasmann-Deilmann’s customers and employees can jointly use the Log & Solve software,” explains Beijer. “It collects and structures data from the horticultural companies. Information is bundled, evaluated and then presented in a graphic overview.


Log & Solve helps to raise the efficiency of the chosen growing method and to reduce failure rates:

  • The basic version takes into account analyses of substrate and water samples, notes about cultivation activities, observations of the plant crops, photos and much more besides;
  • In the extended version, modern sensors continuously measure the nutrient content and moisture of the growing media directly in the plant pot and automatically generate status reports;
  • Data that is already collected in the greenhouse on air humidity, temperature and light levels can also be included.


On this basis, any unwelcome developments can be identified faster and thus averted. Questions and problems are posted via Log & Solve straight to the Klasmann-Deilmann consultants who, referring to these data, can provide prompt advice. “The whole system works just as quickly with a smartphone as it does on a computer,” Sjors Beijer says. “The customer and the consultant can be in different places and discuss the processes taking place at the nursery.”

With Log & Solve, customers can view current data on their crops at any time. They can also discuss these data directly with their technical consultant – regardless of whether or not both of them are at the same location.


It remains to be seen whether the coronavirus will change the world. “We assume that digitisation will get a massive boost – in horticulture as elsewhere.”

If you would like to know more, visit or e-mail Sjors Beijer and Co-Anne van Waaij at .