Alina Strickmann

Mid-season is a busy time in Lithuania

UAB Klasmann-Deilmann Bioenergy benefits from expanded machinery pool

Midway through peak season, our Lithuanian subsidiary UAB Klasmann-Deilmann Bioenergy is on a tight schedule. With 40 chip transporters to fill with shredded wood every day, chipping capacities received a boost at just the right time.

For UAB Klasmann-Deilmann Bioenergy, the autumn cold heralds the start of a new season which will, depending on the weather conditions, last until April. The season is now at its peak. Every day, 40 transporter loads of woodchips are produced and removed from site – an average of 200 loads per week. Combined, a total of around 40 000 m³ of woodchips and energy peat are sold every month. Local power stations convert these materials into green energy or heat.

Such volumes can only be handled thanks to the timely acquisition, at the start of the season, of a powerful Mus Max wood chipper which has greatly boosted production capacity. Not only does the new machine enable Klasmann-Deilmann Bioenergy to process more wood – the team has also gained more independence and it is easier to realistically plan potential chip supply quantities. The company, which operates all over Lithuania, now has six wood chippers available.

This intense period will continue for another two months – or longer, depending on how long the Baltic winter hangs on. And, when the heating season winds down, the new work – planting – will begin. Around 70 hectares of willow in short-rotation coppice (SRC) are to be planted in 2019. Additionally, reserves of biofuels will be accumulated in warehouses for the new season.

Basically it’s always high season at UAB Klasmann-Deilmann Bioenergy. And that’s good news.