Dirk Röse

Mid-sea­son is a busy time in Lithuania

UAB Klasmann-Deilmann Bio­en­er­gy bene­fits from expan­ded machine­ry pool

Mid­way through peak sea­son, our Lit­hua­ni­an sub­si­dia­ry UAB Klasmann-Deilmann Bio­en­er­gy is on a tight sche­du­le. With 40 chip trans­por­ters to fill with shred­ded wood every day, chip­ping capa­ci­ties recei­ved a boost at just the right time. 

For UAB Klasmann-Deilmann Bio­en­er­gy, the autumn cold heralds the start of a new sea­son which will, depen­ding on the wea­ther con­di­ti­ons, last until April. The sea­son is now at its peak. Every day, 40 trans­por­ter loads of wood­chips are pro­du­ced and remo­ved from site – an average of 200 loads per week. Com­bi­ned, a total of around 40 000 m³ of wood­chips and ener­gy peat are sold every mon­th. Local power sta­ti­ons con­vert the­se mate­ri­als into green ener­gy or heat.

Such volu­mes can only be hand­led thanks to the time­ly acqui­si­ti­on, at the start of the sea­son, of a power­ful Mus Max wood chip­per which has great­ly boos­ted pro­duc­tion capa­ci­ty. Not only does the new machi­ne enab­le Klasmann-Deilmann Bio­en­er­gy to pro­cess more wood – the team has also gai­ned more inde­pen­dence and it is easier to rea­listi­cal­ly plan poten­ti­al chip sup­ply quan­ti­ties. The com­pa­ny, which ope­ra­tes all over Lit­hua­nia, now has six wood chip­pers available.

This inten­se peri­od will con­ti­nue for ano­t­her two mon­ths – or lon­ger, depen­ding on how long the Bal­tic win­ter hangs on. And, when the hea­ting sea­son winds down, the new work – plan­ting – will begin. Around 70 hec­ta­res of wil­low in short-rota­ti­on cop­pi­ce (SRC) are to be plan­ted in 2019. Addi­tio­nal­ly, reser­ves of bio­fu­els will be accu­mu­la­ted in wareh­ouses for the new season.

Basi­cal­ly it’s always high sea­son at UAB Klasmann-Deilmann Bio­en­er­gy. And tha­t’s good news.