Kim Karotki

How to make nur­s­e­ry work easier on your back

Making our 200-lit­re bales easier to hand­le ‑ an inst­ruc­ti­ve video

Our 200-lit­re bales hold a lot of pro­duct, and our cus­to­mers appre­cia­te this. It means, howe­ver, that the­se pack­a­ging units are not exact­ly in the fea­ther­weight class.

In the nur­s­e­ry, 200-lit­re bales are remo­ved from the pal­let by hand and then mecha­ni­cal­ly ‑ or, often, manu­al­ly ‑ redu­ced in size befo­re the gro­wing medi­um is used in the pot­ting machi­ne. This pro­cess can put a real strain on workers’ backs, so anything that makes the job easier is to be welcomed.

And help is at hand: there’s a simp­le solu­ti­on that enab­les the­se bales to be hal­ved in size. All you need is a sharp kni­fe. See for yourself!