Dirk Röse

Envi­ron­ment Minis­ter Wen­zel visits Klasmann-Deilmann

Lower Saxony’s Envi­ron­ment Minis­ter Ste­fan Wen­zel visi­ted Klasmann-Deilmann on a fact-fin­ding mis­si­on about Spha­gnum far­ming. Tog­e­ther with Mem­bers of Sta­te Par­lia­ment Gerd Will (SPD par­ty), Bernd Cars­ten Hie­bing and Rein­hold Hil­bers (both CDU) and District Coun­cil Mem­ber Nor­bert Knape (Alli­an­ce ’90/The Greens), Wen­zel wis­hed to obtain a first-hand impres­si­on of the pro­ject. At a mee­ting with Moritz Böcking, Mana­ging Direc­tor of Klasmann-Deilmann, they dis­cus­sed topics such as the future of the sub­stra­te indus­try in Lower Saxony.

Repre­sen­ting Klasmann-Deilmann, Bert von Seg­gern, Divi­sio­nal Head of Land Use, and Pro­ject Lea­der Jan Köb­bing infor­med the dele­ga­ti­on about the pro­gress to date and exp­lai­ned the chal­len­ges facing the pro­ject and the oppor­tu­nities it pres­ents. The seed­lings which were plan­ted last autumn had sur­vi­ved the win­ter well and more Spha­gnum seed­lings had been plan­ted over the last few weeks. The chal­len­ge now was to sti­mu­la­te growth on the­se exten­si­ve sites.

Spea­king to NDR radio sta­ti­on, Ste­fan Wen­zel poin­ted out that the pro­tec­tion of peat­lands is a cru­cial fac­tor in miti­ga­ting cli­ma­te chan­ge. “This expe­ri­ment is the­re­fo­re a fasci­na­ting con­tri­bu­ti­on as we explo­re future alter­na­ti­ves.” Moritz Böcking is opti­mistic that, apart from peat, the com­pa­ny will be able to incre­a­singly use alter­na­ti­ve resour­ces in future: “We belie­ve that we can join for­ces with the poli­cy­ma­kers to find ways of gro­wing new raw mate­ri­als for our substrates and pro­du­cing them right here in Lower Saxony.”

Böcking and Wen­zel agreed to con­ti­nue their talks on Lower Saxony’s sub­stra­te indus­try and pionee­ring rese­arch pro­jects, such as Spha­gnum farming.


Dis­cus­sing Spha­gnum far­ming as a pionee­ring pro­ject for sub­stra­te pro­duc­tion (left to right): Rein­hold Hil­bers (Mem­ber of Sta­te Par­lia­ment (CDU)), Bert von Seg­gern and Jan Köb­bing (both Klasmann-Deilmann), Gerd Will (Mem­ber of Sta­te Par­lia­ment (SPD)), Moritz Böcking (Mana­ging Direc­tor Klasmann-Deilmann) and Envi­ron­ment Minis­ter Ste­fan Wen­zel (Alli­an­ce ’90/The Greens).