Larissa Gilke

A win-win-win situation

Scholarship scheme gives students a boost

Klasmann-Deilmann is committed to supporting and encouraging young people. That’s why we’re involved in the ‘Deutschlandstipendium’ scholarship scheme, which has proved to be a ‘win-win-win’ situation!

An animated trio are walking around our Geeste site together. Anja Fritzen (Advisory Services) and Theresa Robbe (Quality Management) are showing Lisa Padeffke the production area, lab and greenhouse. They are explaining to her how our business works and how different parts of our operations interact to create the end product: a substrate perfectly tailored to each customer’s crop requirements.

Lisa, our visitor in Geeste, is the holder of a ‘Deutschlandstipendium’ scholarship. She is taking a look at the various production processes, listening and asking questions; and, of course, the small group is having a few laughs as well.


The student was familiar with Klasmann-Deilmann even before she started her degree. “If you’re studying at Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences, you can hardly avoid Klasmann-Deilmann,” she acknowledges. Lisa is in the fifth semester of her course in Horticultural Production. “In my project thesis, for example, my focus was on a Klasmann-Deilmann substrate; I conducted and evaluated trials using it,” she continues.

In a relaxed atmosphere, Lisa gets to know Benedikt Kossen and Ilka Krane of the Human Resources department better. The conversation takes off. She’s delighted to have been selected for a scholarship. “It’s a nice feeling to be supported in this way – to know you’ve achieved something and to be rewarded with financial backing.”

Klasmann-Deilmann has had a cooperative arrangement with Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences since 2014. Lisa is our third scholarship holder under this scheme. Our verdict: it’s a great initiative! Workplace contacts are designated and the student really gets to know these people. This regular contact results in valuable two-way communication on the relevant subject matter. In a project or final thesis on topics relevant to us, the university benefits from this basic research and we profit from the practically applicable findings of these investigations. And, as well as funding and support, we give the scholarship holder a leg-up on the career ladder. Benedikt Kossen (our Head of Human Resources) says: “This is a ‘win-win-win’ situation for everyone involved.”

Deutschlandstipendium scholarships have been awarded since the summer semester of 2011. This programme assists talented and high-achieving students of all subjects at higher-education centres in Germany. Holders receive funding of 300 euros/month (half from private-sector funders and half from the Federal Government). First, the higher-education institutes supply the funders with (anonymised) profiles of suitable candidates. The funders pick the best match from these profiles and then provide the recipient with ongoing personal support.