Skadi Menne

 Efficient, sustainable and resilient food systems

MEP leading on Farm-to-Fork endorses modern horticulture as a key to sustainable food production – Webinar by Growing Media Europe (GME)

The virtual event was held on 28 January as part of a GME Webinar series with a special focus on the EU Green Deal. It scored with a high-level set of speakers, including MEP Ulrike Müller, Moritz Böcking, Managing Director at Klasmann-Deilmann, and Allan Buckwell, Research Director at the RISE Foundation, accompanied by Cecilia Luetgebrune, Secretary General of GME, and moderated by Chris Davies, Senior Advisor at Rud Pedersen.

Discussions explored the EU Farm-to-Fork Strategy ambitions, and how modern horticulture contributes to its goals, especially related to:

  • Food safety, security & nutrition and quality
  • Climate neutrality
  • Efficient use of resources
  • Restore biodiversity

The common denominator shared by the speakers was theneed for innovative growing techniques to ensure efficient, sustainable and resilient food systems for all Europeans:

MEP Ulrike Müllersaid that “modern horticulture has the potential to be a cornerstone of sustainable food production. It ticks several boxes with regards to reducing pressure on the climate and ecosystems.”Moritz Böckingagreed saying: “Because of climate change, a lot of plants and food are now grown indoor. In the greenhouse, you´re using less water, less pesticides and less fertilizers.” And Prof. Allan Buckwell summarized that “there is no doubt that the horticultural sector will grow for diet and health reasons.”