ProLine solutions prevent sciarid infestation

In many years of research with universities and research institutes, Klasmann-Deilmann has investigated which substrate components affect the development of fungus gnat larvae in growing media. Based on the findings of this research, we have developed an innovative substrate concept that specifically reduces attractiveness for fungus gnats. In addition to the careful selection and combination of substrate components, this concept focuses on specifically developed organic fertilisers. These new fertiliser types cannot be used directly by fungus gnat larvae, but they promote more efficient nutrient uptake by the crop. Furthermore, the new fertiliser types are rich in valuable amino acids that give plants extra vigour.

Klasmann-Deilmann provides these fertilisers as a purely vegetable version or with animal ingredients. Both types of fertiliser enable high base fertilisation without increasing fungus gnat pressure.

This innovative substrate concept is used primarily for herb substrates in combination with liquid feeding during cultivation. Other possible applications include substrates for the propagation of sensitive vegetable crops such as cucumbers.

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