Manufactured by Klasmann-Deilmann – horticultural perlite for propagation

In 2021 we started to manufacture higher quality horticultural grade perlite ourselves in our newly built factory in Lithuania. The benefits are obvious:

  • Improved availability of perlite for our substrate factories to cope with increasing future demand
  • Makes us independent in case of logistical bottlenecks
  • Local production reduces transport involved and thus carbon footprint
  • Attractively priced constituent of propagation and potting substrates for commercial growers

The benefits of horticultural perlite:

  • Increases air capacity and drainage
  • Prevents waterlogging
  • Provides excellent structural stability
  • Is pH neutral and has an extremely low salt level
  • Ideal for use in substrates for propagation and potting when strong drainage is required

Deliverability and quality in harmony

Regardless of current crises and disrupted supply chains, the latest forecasts assume that the demand for growing media and the required raw materials will increase significantly internationally in the future.

Klasmann-Deilmann successfully ensured at an early stage that the increasing demand for horticultural products could be met with a stable supply of raw materials and supplier infrastructure.

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