“Healthy plant growth in your home and garden.”

Florabella – our qua­li­ty pot­ting soils for hob­by gardeners

Many fac­tors play a part in the pro­cess of achie­ving healt­hy and long-las­ting plants in both home and gar­den. High-qua­li­ty plants sim­ply give hob­by gar­de­ners enjoy­ment for lon­ger. And each plant depends on the right care. They requi­re a sui­ta­ble envi­ron­ment, the right light con­di­ti­ons, appro­pria­te addi­ti­ons of fer­ti­li­ser and water in the right quantities.

Florabella hel­ps ama­teur gar­de­ners look after their plants – from folia­ge plants to flowers, from vege­ta­bles or herbs to fruit plants. Our qua­li­ty pot­ting soils ensu­re all plants grow well in homes and gar­dens. Florabella is avail­ab­le only from well-sto­cked retailers.

Folia­ge plants
Fruit, vege­ta­bles & herbs

Pro­fes­sio­nal-qua­li­ty pro­ducts for the ama­teur market

Florabella gro­wing media and soil addi­ti­ves are made to balan­ced reci­pes and pro­du­ced from the best raw mate­ri­als, selec­ted addi­ti­ves and high-qua­li­ty fer­ti­li­sers. This enab­les hob­by gar­de­ners to bene­fit from our unpar­al­leled exper­ti­se gai­ned in the com­mer­cial-hor­ti­cul­tu­re sector.

Florabella Qua­li­ty Pot­ting Soils
Florabella Soil Conditioners

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