In a nutshell

Coir pro­ducts from Klasmann-Deilmann

Klasmann-Deilmann is the lea­ding cor­po­ra­te group in the inter­na­tio­nal sub­stra­te indus­try, with sales and pro­duc­tion com­pa­nies in Euro­pe, Asia and Ame­ri­ca. On every con­ti­nent, our gro­wing media pro­vi­de a vital basis for the growth of fruits, vege­ta­bles, edi­ble mushrooms, orna­men­tal plants, trees and shrubs.

Com­pre­hen­si­ve access to own spha­gnum peat raw mate­ri­als and own pro­duc­tion faci­li­ties for wood fib­re, green com­post and other con­sti­tu­ents have enab­led Klasmann-Deilmann to pro­vi­de excel­lent substrates for more than 100 years. Fur­ther­mo­re, we can look back on more than 25 years of using coir suc­cess­ful­ly as a con­sti­tu­ent for our gro­wing media.

Why coir products?

Due to the incre­a­sing inter­na­tio­nal demand for high-qua­li­ty gro­wing media, we are now expan­ding our ran­ge of coir based con­sti­tu­ents. This allows a secu­re future sup­ply to gro­wers, espe­cial­ly for gro­wing over­seas mar­kets such as Asia, Afri­ca and South Ame­ri­ca. Coir pro­ducts have pro­ven to be a bene­fi­cial com­ple­ment to the exis­ting ran­ge of high-qua­li­ty con­sti­tu­ents. It can be con­si­de­red sus­tainab­le and pro­vi­des posi­ti­ve tech­ni­cal pro­per­ties for the cul­ti­va­ti­on of plants.

Coir is obtai­ned from the husk of coco­nuts, the meso­carp. Various coir mate­ri­als can be extrac­ted from this husk: coir pith, coir fib­re and coir crush or chips. Dif­fe­rent frac­tions are pro­du­ced by cut­ting or scree­ning. The com­bi­na­ti­on of the dif­fe­rent coir mate­ri­als and gra­des deter­mi­nes the phy­si­cal pro­per­ties of the final pro­duct. Spe­ci­fic tre­at­ments to adjust its che­mi­cal pro­per­ties allow the safe use in plant cultivation.

Qua­li­ty aspects

SA8000 cer­ti­fi­ca­ti­on

The manu­fac­tu­ring of our coir pro­ducts is cer­ti­fied to the SA8000
stan­dard. This inter­na­tio­nal­ly accep­ted manage­ment stan­dard encou­ra­ges orga­ni­sa­ti­ons to deve­lop, main­tain and app­ly social­ly accep­ta­ble prac­ti­ces in the workplace.

RHP cer­ti­fi­ca­ti­on

Our trea­ted coir pro­ducts car­ry the RHP qua­li­ty label, con­fir­ming their sui­ta­bi­li­ty as a sub­stra­te con­sti­tu­ent for com­mer­cial hor­ti­cul­tu­re. All pro­duc­tion faci­li­ties are cer­ti­fied to the strict RHP stan­dards, a gua­ran­tee for con­sist­ent­ly high qua­li­ty (www​.rhp​.nl).

Our pro­ducts

Coir Pith (0 – 6 mm)

The husk of the coco­nut con­sists of the soft coir pith which is inters­per­sed with coir fibres. By sepa­ra­ting the fibres and the pith, two dif­fe­rent raw mate­ri­als are extrac­ted. Scree­ning the coir pith pro­du­ces dif­fe­rent gra­des sui­ta­ble for dif­fe­rent app­li­ca­ti­ons. Most com­mon is the 0 – 6 mm (¼”) scree­n­ed mate­ri­al with an air capa­ci­ty of appro­xi­mate­ly 25 vol.-%.

Coir Crush (0 – 15 mm; 0 – 7 mm; 7 – 15 mm; 1 – 7 mm)

Coir crush con­sists of lar­ger gra­des of coir pith from which fine par­ti­cles have been remo­ved by scree­ning. Coir crush incre­a­ses the air capa­ci­ty and drai­na­ge of gro­wing media. Depen­ding on the amount of crush in a sub­stra­te, the air capa­ci­ty can be incre­a­sed by 10 to 40 vol.-%. In addi­ti­on, the natu­ral­ly pre­sent coir fibres impro­ve the water trans­port in the substrate.

Coir Fib­re (10 – 30 mm)

A lar­ge part of the husk con­sists of coir fibres which are main­ly used in pro­ducts such as mats, brooms, mat­tres­ses and geo-tex­ti­les. Cut­ting the fibres allows a use in substrates. Coir fibres impro­ve the water trans­port in the gro­wing media. This app­lies to both, trans­port from top to bot­tom for a bet­ter drai­na­ge and from bot­tom to top for a bet­ter water capillarity,
e. g., in ebb and flood sys­tems or on irri­ga­ti­on mats.

Coir Mixes

To achie­ve the requi­red phy­si­cal pro­per­ties for any spe­ci­fic crop or gro­wing situa­ti­on, dif­fe­rent coir mate­ri­als are com­bi­ned to adjust the water and air capa­ci­ty of the final pro­duct. Typi­cal mixes e. g. are Coir Mix 80/20 with 80 % coir pith and 20 % crush or Coir Mix 70/30, which is used when incre­a­sed air capa­ci­ty and drai­na­ge pro­per­ties are requi­red. Our coir mixes are also avail­ab­le as growbags.

Shak­ti Amla® Coir

Klasmann-Deilmann dis­tri­bu­tes the high-qua­li­ty coir pro­duct Shak­ti Amla® by Shak­ti Cocos. Shak­ti Amla® is a uni­que coir pro­duct spe­ci­fi­cal­ly deve­lo­ped to ensu­re a sta­ble and low pH value in gro­wing media. The­re­fo­re, the pH value in a sub­stra­te can be adjus­ted to any desi­red level by adding lime. The orga­nic ion exchan­ge com­plex in this pro­duct is pro­per­ly buf­fe­red to sup­port safe fer­ti­li­sa­ti­on. Shak­ti Amla® pro­vi­des a base level of nutrients.

All coir pro­ducts from Klasmann-Deilmann are avail­ab­le as buf­fe­red coir, was­hed coir or with the spe­ci­fic Amla® tre­at­ment. In gene­ral, all our coir pro­ducts are sub­ject to an important age­ing and sta­bi­li­sa­ti­on pro­cess in clean con­cre­te bun­kers. For the eco­lo­gi­cal cul­ti­va­ti­on of plants, orga­nic coir car­ry­ing the eco­la­bel IMO is avail­ab­le on request (www​.ecocert​-imo​.ch).

Our coir pro­ducts are avail­ab­le in com­pres­sed 5 kg blocks, 50 lit­re bags, easy fill bags, grow­bags, as well as cus­to­mi­sed pack­a­ging and dimensions.