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The blog is undoubtedly among the most convenient forms of modern communication. At Klasmann-Deilmann, we use our blog to share our thoughts with our partners and friends; customers and suppliers; our active, former and future employees; and (in the broadest sense) our stakeholders – in a timely manner and at an appropriate intensity. And we’ve a lot to say. Our company is always on the move and we want you to be a part of this.

We look forward to your feedback: do send us an e-mail or use our comments function. We’ll also be grateful for any ideas as to topics you’d be interested in reading about.


Care­er Day in Wage­nin­gen

18.04.2017 | Author: Kim Karotki | 0 Comments
Stu­dents who have enrol­led for a cour­se of stu­dies at a uni­ver­si­ty have alre­a­dy deci­ded in which sec­tor they wish to work. Howe­ver, they may find it dif­fi­cult to choo­se a spe­ci­fic occupa­ti­on, as the requi­re­ments in the employ­ment mar­ket are con­stant­ly chan­ging. Care­er days are a good oppor­tu­ni­ty to learn about what is cur­rent­ly avail­able on the job mar­ket. Klasmann-Deilmann deci­ded to take part in the Care­er Day held by Wage­nin­gen Uni­ver­si­ty in the Nether­lands. What occupa­ti­on is the right one for me? Read more

Florabella turns 60

05.04.2017 | Author: Kim Karotki | 0 Comments
Pre­mi­um pot­ting soils sin­ce 1957 Klasmann-Deilmann has a bir­th­day to cele­bra­te: our qua­li­ty pot­ting soil ‘Florabella’ is turning 60 this year. Here are some his­to­ri­cal miles­to­nes. 1957 – Florabella is born It all began in 1957. On 5 April, Hese­per Torf­wer­ke GmbH regis­te­red ‘Florabella’ as a word mark with the Ger­man Patent and Trade­mark Office for Goods and Ser­vices. Thus was born our pro­duct line for ama­teur gar­den­ers. Sin­ce then, pot­ting soils and gar­den com­post have been pro­du­ced for retail cust­o­m­ers and sold on the Read more

Suc­cess­ful ent­ry for “Jugend forscht” sci­en­ce con­test

16.03.2017 | Author: Kim Karotki | 0 Comments
First and third pla­ce in the regio­nal rounds The pupils of Maria­num high school who took part in the “Jugend forscht” com­pe­ti­ti­on which aims to pro­mo­te young sci­en­tists can give them­sel­ves a pat on the back: four of them con­duc­ted expe­ri­ments in Klasmann-Deilmann’s lab and green­hou­se to pre­pa­re for the regio­nal round of the con­test. And in fact they scored well: Sebas­ti­an Berent­zen and Chris­to­ph Tha­le achie­ved third pla­ce whi­le Alex­an­der Base­ni­us and Timo Väh­ning even came in first, qua­li­fy­ing them Read more

ISO 9001 and 14001 – latest ver­si­on now adop­ted (2)

06.03.2017 | Author: Kim Karotki | 0 Comments
Envi­ron­men­tal manage­ment sys­tem under­goes suc­cess­ful chan­ge­o­ver 15 Sep­tem­ber 2018 is the chan­ge­o­ver dead­line for busi­nes­ses with regard to cer­ti­fi­ca­ti­on of their envi­ron­men­tal manage­ment sys­tems. By then, the latest ver­si­on of the ISO 14001 stan­dard – ent­it­led ISO 14001:2015 – nee­ds to have been inte­gra­ted into the­se sys­tems. Klasmann-Deilmann has alre­a­dy taken this step. The ISO 14001 inter­na­tio­nal envi­ron­men­tal manage­ment stan­dard lays down glo­bal­ly recognis­ed requi­re­ments for an envi­ron­men­tal manage­ment sys­tem (EMS). An impro­ve­ment pro­cess that forms an import­ant basis for this Read more

ISO 9001 and 14001 – latest ver­si­on now adop­ted (1)

17.02.2017 | Author: Kim Karotki | 0 Comments
Suc­cess­ful chan­ge­o­ver for our qua­li­ty manage­ment sys­tem By Sep­tem­ber 2018, busi­nes­ses are requi­red to have swit­ched to the 2015 ver­si­on of cer­ti­fi­ca­ti­on governing their qua­li­ty manage­ment and envi­ron­men­tal manage­ment sys­tems. Klasmann-Deilmann’s Qua­li­ty Manage­ment team based in Gee­ste opted for a swift chan­ge­o­ver and has alre­a­dy adop­ted the most recent ver­si­ons. Here, in our two-part report, you can read about the chan­ges that have resul­ted. Our qua­li­ty manage­ment and envi­ron­men­tal manage­ment sys­tems are based on the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 stan­dards Read more

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Our blog’s editorial staff prepare news and topics relating to our company’s various areas of activity. Here, we briefly introduce the members of the editorial team. Don’t hesitate to use the e-mail addresses given here for purposes of feedback and further information, to ask questions and suggest topics.


Corporate Editor

Dirk Röse | Head of Corporate Communications

Dirk Röse has been at Klasmann-Deilmann since 2004 and heads up the Corporate Communications division. His contributions to our blog are mainly about the company’s latest news and day-to-day activities.

Competencies Editor

Hermann Limbers  | Head of Advisory Service & Quality Management

Hermann Limbers has been with Klasmann-Deilmann since 1983. As part of the Product Development team, his contribution has included his instrumental role in establishing our range of Lithuanian growing media and our organic substrates. His present-day focuses are on international customer guidance and quality management. He consistently enriches our blog with his unique expertise on many aspects of raw materials and products.

Careers Editor

Kim Karotki | Corporate Communications

Kim Karotki has, since 2015, enjoyed a wide-ranging remit pertaining to Klasmann-Deilmann’s internal communications. Her background in journalism stands her in good stead when it comes to researching and delving into complex issues. For her blog entries, she generally takes contributions to internal communications and explores them further; she also focuses on human-resources development and careers.

Sustainability Editor

Geerd Smidt | Head of Sustainability Management

Dr Geerd Smidt is Klasmann-Deilmann’s first Sustainability Manager. Since 2016, he has moved us forward with regard to our climate footprint and life cycle assessments, our measures to reduce emissions, our responsible extraction of raw materials, our dialogue with stakeholders and many other aspects. In our blog he chiefly writes pieces relating to corporate social responsibility.