Our sales acti­vi­ties in North and South Africa

Below you will find your con­ta­ct for gro­wing-media sales in North and South Afri­ca. In addi­ti­on to our own sales com­pa­nies, we have assi­gned the mar­ke­ting of our pro­ducts to inde­pen­dent sales partners.

If no sales part­ner is lis­ted for your coun­try, plea­se get in touch with our team at Klasmann-Deilmann Fran­ce S.A.R.L.


Klasmann-Deilmann Fran­ce S.A.R.L.1179 Che­min du Bes­seyRuy – CS 7101238307 Bour­goin Jal­lieu CedexFran­ce+33 4 74435230+33 4 74439862Send email



SPA Debba­ne Pour L’Ag­ri­cul­tu­reZone d’activité n°631er éta­geAin Beni­anAlgerAlge­ria+213 23 10 85 53 +213 23 10 85 56Send email


CASEM | AGADIRLot A No. 156Zone Indus­tri­el­leAit Melloul80152 Aga­dirMoroc­co+212 5 28249071Send email


CASEM Casa­blan­caImmeu­ble Com­mu­nal Hay Hassa­niBloc B | Rte d’A­zem­mour20200 Casa­blan­caMoroc­co+212 522 933494Send email

South Afri­ca

Green­house Tech­no­lo­gy PTYMul­ti­fo­ra Buil­dingCNR Vickers Road and 3 Mar­jo­rie Street2197 Johan­nes­burgSouth Afri­ca+27 11 613 3103 / 2580Send email


Pro­tagriPro­tagri | M. Che­bil111 Rue MonastirZI Mghi­ra II2082 Foucha­naTune­sia+ 216 79408200Send email