“Healthy plant growth in your home and garden.”

Florabella – our quality potting soils for hobby gardeners

Many factors play a part in the process of achieving healthy and long-lasting plants in both home and garden. High-quality plants simply give hobby gardeners enjoyment for longer. And each plant depends on the right care. They require a suitable environment, the right light conditions, appropriate additions of fertiliser and water in the right quantities.

Florabella helps amateur gardeners look after their plants - from foliage plants to flowers, from vegetables or herbs to fruit plants. Our quality potting soils ensure all plants grow well in homes and gardens. Florabella is available only from well-stocked retailers.

Foliage plants
Fruit, vegetables & herbs

Professional-quality products for the amateur market

Florabella growing media and soil additives are made to balanced recipes and produced from the best raw materials, selected additives and high-quality fertilisers. This enables hobby gardeners to benefit from our unparalleled expertise gained in the commercial-horticulture sector.

Florabella Growing Media
Florabella Soil Conditioners

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