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Skadi Menne

Certification for the Growcoon

The Growcoon is firmly established with many large nurseries. The worldwide demand for the innovative propagation system continues to increase significantly. With the “Progressiv Growcoon”, the second generation has been on the market for a year, which is faster degradable and thus a welcome alternative for numerous new customers. Now the “Progressiv Growcoon” has been certified as “biodegradable” by the organisation “OK Biodegradable SOIL”. Product Manager Franziska Craayvanger reports why the award is so important.

Franziska, please explain what the “OK Biodegradable Soil” certificate means.

Franziska: This certificate confirms externally that the Progressiv Growcoon is completely biodegradable in the grown soil and has demonstrably no negative impact on the environment and soil life.

How does certification work?

Franziska: The quality management team of the producer Maan Biobased Products takes care of the whole process. It has an overview of which certificates may be important for the Growcoon and then contacts the certification bodies. In this case, the team got in touch with “OK Biodegradable SOIL”, which works together with TÜV Austria.

The company carried out various tests with the Progressiv Growcoon to determine whether it decomposed completely within a certain period of time, with no negative effects on soil life or the environment. This process took a year. Now we have independent confirmation that our product meets the requirements.

And what exactly was measured?

Franziska: The test measures the CO2 released and compares it with a reference value. This measurement can then be used to determine what percentage of the carbon that makes up the Growcoon decomposes into CO2. The company carried out many more tests under a wide range of conditions in order to obtain a reliable result in the end.

What was the result?

Franziska: The result is very good. It was proven that 96% of the carbon used decomposes into CO2 and the Growcoon is therefore biodegradable. It also became clear that no residues remain in the soil, as the Progessiv Growcoon decomposes completely into CO2 and water. This is important for our customers as well as the consumer.

Does the certificate apply to every country?

Franziska: In principle, the certificate can be used anywhere and presented to customers as proof. Although the TÜV is not the usual certification body in every country, it enjoys high recognition worldwide.

The sales teams at Klasmann-Deilmann are very happy about the certificate because they know how important it is. We have been waiting for it for over a year, and now we can convince even more customers of our Growcoon – it doesn’t get much better than that.

This is really good news. Thank you for taking the time.