Dirk Röse

Klasmann-Deilmann vaccinates against COVID-19

Internal vaccination rate at over 50

The Klasmann-Deilmann Group has launched its own vaccination campaign. In the course of the first round, more than 100 employees received the vaccine from Johnson & Johnson. The aim is to achieve the highest possible vaccination rate.

Weeks ago, Klasmann-Deilmann’s Corona Crisis Team had already prepared the procedures for its own vaccination campaign. When the call came from the medical officer, there were 48 hours to implement the plan. The actual event lasted only 90 minutes. 110 employees of Klasmann-Deilmann and its partner companies Olde Bolhaar and Deilmann Montan received the vaccine from Johnson & Johnson in the first round. “There were happy faces everywhere that day,” recalls Managing Director Bernd Wehming. “The will to get vaccinated in our company is very high. So everyone was grateful that we could make them an offer.”

The goal is to achieve the highest possible vaccination rate within the German workforce and also at international level. Already today, more than 60 % of employees in Germany and more than 50 % worldwide have been vaccinated at least once. “In most countries, we have no influence on the implementation of vaccinations,” says Managing Director Moritz Böcking, “because national strategies of course have priority. But we have promoted the benefits of vaccination within the company, and the majority of our colleagues now want to actively contribute to ending the Corona pandemic anyway.”

By July, the company’s internal vaccination quota should reach 75 % if possible. “Every vaccination increases the safety of our employees in their professional and private lives,” says Moritz Böcking. “A high quota is also an important indicator for our internal processes, because it determines, among other things, whether we gradually return to presence meetings and business trips, allow visitors or reopen our canteen.”

In the meantime, the second round of the vaccination campaign has begun. In particular, female employees younger than 50 are now to be vaccinated with a suitable vaccine. “We are very grateful to the medical officers for working closely with us,” says Bernd Wehming. “And the medical officers are grateful that we take over the organisation and make numerous vaccinations possible in the shortest possible time. A company vaccination campaign is a win-win situation for everyone involved.”