Larissa Gilke

Growcoon for ecological agriculture

Included in Skal list

Thanks to its biodegradable structure, our Growcoon propagation system is an interesting option for organic businesses. The Growcoon has now been included in the Dutch Skal list, which means that an independent certification body has confirmed that the use of Growcoons is permissible in Skal-certified organic farms in the Netherlands.

The Growcoon is a biodegradable plug with a flexible, open structure. When used in propagation systems, the Growcoon holds the propagation substrate together and this combination forms a stable root ball. The Growcoon is made from food-safe components and has been awarded the “OK Compost” seal in accordance with EN 13432. Amongst other things, this means that the Growcoon does not contain any contaminants which pose a risk for crops, humans or the environment and does not leave any harmful residues.

Moreover, the Growcoon has now also been included in the Dutch Input List. This is a public register which states products which are permitted for use in organic farming in the Netherlands. The list includes fertilisers, soil improvers, plant protection agents and related products. The Growcoon satisfies these evaluation criteria, so that organic farmers with Skal certification in the Netherlands can now use Growcoons.

“Skal Biocontrole” is responsible for certifying the reliability of organic products in the Netherlands. It is the only control organisation in the Netherlands that is authorised by the Ministry of Economics. As “Bio”, the Dutch term for organic, is legally protected, a product can only be labelled “Bio” if the production process complies with the statutory regulations.

Growcoon was developed by the Dutch company Maan BioBased Products B.V., which is also responsible for production. The Klasmann-Deilmann Group owns the global distribution rights for Growcoons.